How I’ve Properly Enjoyed the Battlefield 3 Beta

John of - "Many gamers have been logging hour after hour into the Battlefield 3 beta since it has opened. There have been technical issues as well as modded server issues and a general cloud of discontent over one of the biggest releases of the year. It has definitely been an experience of sorts."

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gravemaker3273d ago

i enjoyed it most when played Caspian Border
operation metro is not battlefield that i love

BiggCMan3273d ago

Yea exactly. While I never got the chance to join a Caspian map before they got pulled, people need to understand that Metro does a poor job, or rather no job at all in showing what Battlefield is really about.

Ramses33273d ago

I liked the beta, even if the only map was the not-that-impressive Metro.
The gameplay felt tight and fluid most of the time, and I cant wait to use the vehicles in the full version :D

patrickwlindsey3273d ago

lol at people complaining about bugs in a beta.

In all seriousness, this reads almost like a "ways to enjoy Battlefield", or any FPS for that matter rather than being specific to the beta.

My biggest problem with the beta is I don't feel the sample is representative of what makes Battlefield unique. Again, I need to remember that it's a beta, not a demo. I'm just a tad nonplussed that they seem to be trying to liken it to Modern Warfare, which is a bummer because I think as a series this is far superior.

hellzsupernova3273d ago

Im am unsure at this point about Battlefield 3. am starting to rethink my pc build for this game as the beta (yes i know its a beta and is not representative of the final product) did not impress me. kinda wish it looked more like the Medal of Honor online

BiggCMan3273d ago

Wished it looked like Medal of Honor? Wtf? Well whatever that means, let me assure you that this game will look just like all of the trailers that we all fell in love with, I promise you this. This beta is practically the same as the very old alpha build. Nearly all of the destruction has been turned off, the graphics are missing certain features that will be in the final game, and it does not even support Direct3D 11. The full game will be astonishing, and what a true Battlefield game really is.

barrymcbruce3273d ago

Great article, feel the same way!

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The story is too old to be commented.