Monday Morning Rant: 'playing Wii standing up is same as 360 or PS3 standing up'

VideoGamer writes:

"Playing video games is not a sport, and it drives me up the wall when I hear it described that way. Lumping an e in front of the word doesn't help either. It makes me cringe to hear it and makes me feel embarrassed to read it. Here's why:"

"..and don't start with the Wii either. Despite what you've seen in the adverts, it's the same with Nintendo's revolutionary console as it is with the 360, the PC or the PS3. Take Wii Sports for example. You might think virtual bowling, tennis and boxing requires physical effort. But you can play the games just as well sitting down and simply waving the Wii controller in front of the screen as you can while stood up. Essentially, playing the Wii standing up is the same as playing the 360 or the PS3 standing up. Why do it if you don't have to?"

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Neurotoxin3987d ago

I find Tieing up my old Gamecube and swinging it around just as much fun as playing the Wii, Especially when it interacts with the ground :).

wii on your face3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

@ nuerotoxin:

I've got a better rant! Dude, have you ever seen the word 'tieing' anywhere? No you haven't, because it doesn't exist. it's 'tying'. Just like it's 'dying', and not 'dieing'.

What the fvck happened that people can't spell beyond a second grade level? When trying to make a witty little joke, you only look like a tool when you can't spell the simplest words properly. Do you still have your teeth?

Lay off the video games and read a fvcking book.

Anyway, there's no way you can play wii bowling sitting on a couch. You have to make sure your wrist is straight, and you can't do that on the couch. Besides, it's more fun if you treat it as an actual bowling lane.

I'm all for a good rant, but this guy makes no sense (not 'sence', for fvck's sake).

perseus3986d ago

And I've got a rant for you.

Not everyone speaks English natively and knows the idiotic and illogical rules that English follows.

TruthbeTold3986d ago

I agree. But this guy is the assistant EDITOR for this English language news group. If he's going to talk crap in English, then he's got it coming when he blows it and looks like a fool. Not that his little b!tchfest didn't do that enough on it's own...

Prismo_Fillusion3987d ago

What a STUPID article.
If you play Wii Sports sitting down than you're a lazy fat moron. I don't even know how you would bowl sitting down, it'd be uncomfortable at the very very least. Same for baseball and golf.

I do sit down when I play most other games though, unlike in the commercials.

mighty_douche3987d ago

wii bowling isnt (real) bowling
wii tennis isnt (real) tennis
wii sport isnt (real) sport

the only fat moron are people who confuse the 2.

LOFT3163987d ago

I've never played my PS3 or 360 stood up and what a dumm article

Rooftrellen3987d ago

And never play me Wii standing up.

Think about it now...maybe you'll get it...keep thinking...

DethWish3987d ago

IMO a sport is something you can compete in

waldopepper3986d ago

So when me + friends used to compete to see how high we could spit up a brick wall, that was actually a sport? We should have given out medals! :)

The Dictionary definition of 'sport' that the article quotes is out-dated - it doesn't have to be a physical activity an more and as he said 'you dont break a sweat playing games'. No you don't, but neither do you shooting at the Olympics and that's definitely a sport and all it requires is to pull a trigger.

And god forbid that a gaming company try and push the boundries or go in a totally different direction - we should obviously stick with gaming as it is now and never evolve!

wiizy3986d ago

you know this guy gets no exercise... and no you dont get the same exercise playing all three systems. thats why wii is the best

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