Protection for Playstation 3 might not be necessary

Video game consoles, which are increasingly being used to surf the Internet, aren't generally equipped with antivirus protection like PCs. Security vendor Trend Micro Inc. thinks they should be, though. It has launched software for Sony's Playstation 3 that promises to block malicious Web pages and those dealing in sex, drugs and violence.

The company bills the software as the first of its kind for a home gaming system. It was released earlier this month as part of a PS3 upgrade and will be free until April. Some industry experts wonder whether consumers will leap for the technology the way they snap up security products for the more vulnerable PC and whether protection for video game consoles is really necessary.

"I think the jury's still out," said Daniel Ives, an analyst at Friedman Billings Ramsey. "Over the coming years, as the console becomes more common in terms of Web browsing, that's when you can really try to gauge what type of opportunity it is for the antivirus vendors."

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wil4hire3989d ago

seeing as how you cant launch system commands from the ps3 browser or scripts..

Whats the point of virus protection?

Bolts3989d ago

I think the sun have is more likely to run out of fuel and go supernova than me ever needing antivirus for my PS3. In the sun's case at least that make sense. What a totally stupid article.

nirwanda3989d ago

How do you think sony sell you downloads/games if there not executable.

How do you think company's patch there games without a backdoor to update them.

How do you think sony provides firmware updates

Anyone clever enough and had a grudge against sony(just look at some of the comments that get posted here) would look at all these ways in to the system

The problem is if you stat blocking all the ways in how would you update your PS3/games

Jdoki3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

I agree with you Wil4hire, to a certain extent; but better safe than sorry. At the moment this just seems like Trend making a play for market share. If they can get even 1% of PS3 owners to buy their security software, that's a nice chunk of change.

The PS3 should be a fairly robust system, but I can think of at least a couple of potential threats...

It's not beyond the realms of possibility that a vulnerablility could be found through downloading hacked game saves for example. I'm not saying it is possible, but there's always some dumbass who tries to ruin things for everyone else!

A system will always be a target... For years Mac owners lauded their apparent system impregnability, and yet we recently saw the first malicious virus appear recently. As PS3 owners we should not be so naive to think we are totally immune.

Perhaps this is Sony's stealth subscription charge for PSN? After April Trend could start charging people by the month (even if it's an opt-in service rather than mandatory) - and I'm sure Sony will be taking a % of that.

skagrerrrr3989d ago

viruses & anti viruses: business as usual.

Who knows, these companies that make anti viruses may have a hidden hand in the proliferation of viruses.

Virus on!

marinelife93989d ago

I agree 100%. And when I saw that Trend was offering an antivirus for the PS3 I was pissed because I know they're going to need to drum up some demand for it once April rolls around. I'll bet a paycheck that you will here of PS3 owners having virus's between now and next April. Becuase Trend of course will be making them for us.

Anti-virus companies are like the mob. You have to pay them "protection" money every month when they are the one's your getting protected from. How else do they come out with a patch for a virus literally minutes after it attacks computers?

kspraydad3989d ago

of a webpage blocker for kids than a virus blocker.

Madbrain3989d ago

it is not antivirus!! It is just a f*cking site blocker against sex, violence, drugs etc. You can enable it if you have a kid playing with your console...