PS3 & Wii battle for Christmas console domination

Sony expects PS3 growth; analyst says Wii will win:

Sony insists that its PS3 console will be a big success story over the festive period, although one analyst says Nintendo's Wii will win the bragging rights in the console market.

"The PlayStation 3 sold 121K units at retail for the month of October," Sony said in a statement immediately following the release of October sales data, which showed PS3 trailing Wii and 360 by a wide margin. Sony expects a great deal of momentum moving forward this holiday and beyond with the availability of new PS3 hardware and pricing. Based on internal data, the company is already seeing a great spike in sales with a 192 percent lift for the PS3 over the past two weeks."

Analyst Jesse Divnich, however, believes Wii will continue to dominate by a wide margin this holiday despite the recent PS3 price cut.

"Although the grass may look greener on the other side, the market still questions Sony's ability to generate strong first-party sales - a key factor to any console's success," he said.

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Danja3986d ago

so um wheres the 360 love..?? oh well..all 3 systems will sell during the Holiday ..let's hope Nintendo reserved enough Wii's for the holidays or they might end up leaving ppl with no choice but to get a PS3 or 360....which I hope happens..!!

gamesblow3986d ago

It's not going to be that big of a success this year. Xbox 360 still has Halo hype and Wii has Mario hype in the states. Sony could have been the biggest success story of the year had the following occured...

Home released no later than this month

Rumble Controls for world wide release "I got mine, but do you all?"

Ratchet and clank, Uncharted, Haze, Little Big Planet, Unreal 3, All released back to back to back over the course of 5 weeks.

The 400 dollar price point is good. Keep this.

1 free psn download with the purchase of a PS3.

Those are a few things that would've really helped Sony this year. And they did get some of them right, but not enough to be a huge success. I see no more than 8 million Ps3's in homes world wide by years end. Wii will move units. 360 will move units... Ps3 will not. It'll do decent.. but not major.

RuffRyder3986d ago

If you think HOME is going to sell ps3's then your just as stupid as the sony fanboys. HOME is just a GIMMICKY service, people wants games to play period.

wAtdaFck3985d ago

The "no games" argument is getting old...

...and annoying.

Xemnas3986d ago

360 is dead its between Wii and Ps3 now i dont care what any xbot say ROUND ONE FIGHT *Nintendo send out Mario.....Sony send out Snake...

wil4hire3986d ago

the 360 didn't win anything...

2 years & 12 million units isn't really setting the world on fire. If the PS2 can be an example of a console winner. The 360 falls short.

WIIIS13986d ago

Fanboys crack me up. Sony says so therefore they are a contender? Lol!

RuffRyder3986d ago

I could of sworn that the 360 is consistantly outselling the ps3 by a big margin everywhere except japan and a couple of countries in europe?? or maybe its just a dream?

SlippyMadFrog3986d ago

Well, the Xbox360 is outselling the PS3 world wide. If the xbox360 is dead, what does that make the PS3?

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felman873986d ago

So 360 is dead? Weird analysts

gamesblow3986d ago

I wouldn't say they didn't win anything... I think they won a fair share of market here. I am one to agree, 12 million units over more than 2 years now, isn't much to brag about... Even more so when your competition both launched a year later and 1 is already beating you... but I think MS, as much as they have lost... have really hung in there. I just think the system is going to start showing its age this year and that's where it gets tough for new suporters of the system to come on board.

Why should we jump in if you're just gonna jump out with a new system the next year or year after? I can't help but shake the feeling MS is going to spring another 4 year life span on us and that makes me not even want a 360, aside from them all being RROD piece's of JOKE.

predator3986d ago

for some one that writes a gaming blog ur extremly one sided.

WIIIS13986d ago

360 hanging in there you say? That's real funny 'cos I'd have sworn that's the PS3 gasping for air.

Let's take it from the starting point that going into this gen, Sony was far away the leader of the pack. Given this starting point, you'd expect PS3 to be selling like Wii and overtake 360 in less than year. The fact that that didn't happen tells you PS3 has fumbled and fallen. Worse, PS3 is selling worse than 360 in its first year. Basically, no matter how you spin it, 360 has already succeeded quite phenomenally in capturing a much larger share of the industry. Things might change for Sony with the price drop, but up till now, there's no denying that it was PS3 on life support and they're still playing catch up with the rest. Which is pretty pathetic when you consider their standing last gen.

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