Musler: PS3 will catch up to, if not surpass, 360

Sega's director of artists and repertoire agrees with analysts who think that the PS3 is going to catch up to, if not surpass, the Xbox 360. And It isn't just the recent PS3 price cuts which will certainly help bridge the gap, but the availability of big titles, Noah Musler told

Musler remarked: "Microsoft has done a good job of closing the gap between the platforms. I don't think they are in the situation they were in with the PS2 and Xbox 1, but it is still too soon to say."

Muler notes that analysts think the PS2 could remain viable through 2009. Having a variety of PS3 prices for consumers is certainly not going to hurt the PS3. "I think it has still got a little bit of time to grow," Musler said.

"Fortunately, there are a lot of videogame consumers out there, and the market continues to grow.People want to play games, and the games keep getting better. The development community is really driving that by making great product." Muster added

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Danja3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

you should trust these wise words coming from SEGA they are speaking from experience and he actually meant the 360 is in the same position they were in 7 years ago..and M$ should not take Sony likely cuz a year head start can disappear faster than you can say RROD..!!!

wil4hire3987d ago

If MS is smart.. which I have to think it is...

Its entire plan was to rush out the 360 with 10 great games, im talking AAA's here..

THey skipped over quality control for the system to get customers. NOW they will start working on the xbox 360.5 to fix the hardware. I thought it would be the falcon chips or what not but Youtube is plagued with videos of those RROD's.

I mean the power of good games is amazing, and is something that shouldn't be taken lightly. I figured consumers wouldn't stand by a faulty system.. but there were NO PS3 games that would warrant the switch.

Everyone I know that owns both systems bought the PS3 first, then the 360 because the PS3 had NO games.

Thank god all that is changing soon.

Gamers deserve better than the 360.

Talk crap about the Wii.. its for kids.. blah blah.. Yeah.. at least it works.

TheMART3987d ago

Yeah lets talk about Sega, that went bankrupt, that had just 10 mln. units sold. Sega that facked Sonic completely.

They're not even close to Microsoft in doing things, although the Dreamcast was a great system.

The PS2 had a year headstart on the XBOX 1 and look what it brought them. System first out, largest installed base, most 3rd party (exclusive) support. Well damn that's what's happening to the 360 now!

Danja3987d ago

Except that the 360 doesn't have the largest Install Base...!!!

AngelOFDeath3987d ago

mart u just contradicting your own post, ok dreamcast was out about a year before ps2 and what happened?, and sure of course 360 had gotten more 3rd party exclusive support... IT WAS THE ONLY NEXT-GEN SYSTEM TO DEVELOP FOR GEEZ, and you act like those games were GOD like, 1 huge game after a year, stop doing it to yourself...

TheMART3987d ago

@ AngelOFDeath

Yeah Dreamcast was out early, one small problem.

Sony told lies about their PS2 that it would be 10x more powerfull and that people should wait for it. So based on the PS1 people did. Sega went allright, but didn't have pockets as deep as Microsoft has.

Some wrong decisions and people waiting out on buying a Dreamcast over the false PS2 promise made them go bankrupt.

MS is different. Dude I am talking about 3rd party support NOW. The 360 clearly gets the better support now.

@ Danja

PS3 sold 5.65 mln. units
360 sold somewhere close to 14 mln. units

Seems to me the 360 has the largest installed base of those two dude...

mesh13987d ago

there 1 thing u forgot no materr what ps3 does cause it has sony u think it will win and lets not forgot segs is a jap company and there is nop way halo3/mass effect/gears of war/graw1 and 2/forza2/ and so many more games will ever be forgetting they are greater than miost games that came out on the PS1 OR EVEN SUPER NINTENDO OR EVEN N64 THUS THE 360 i going to win th econsole waru just dont get it hahaha all western devs are making games for the 360 all 3rd party devs are on the dream cast i never saw games that came out for that come out for multiplatfoprm i never saw them use dream cast as a base model of making games u fail 360 is the best game console end off

SlippyMadFrog3987d ago

The Xbox360 has twice the install base of the PS3. If you don't agree, can you post evidence?

n00dl3s3986d ago


It's called punctuation. Use it. Also, did you honestly just compare the volume of games for the PS1 to the Xbox 360? PS1 had a few more games... to say the least.... Also PS1 had a hell of a lot more games than the N64 so wtf are you even talking about??

MADGameR3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

TheMART at Xboxkings - 7 Hours ago

''Yeah lets talk about Sega, that went bankrupt, that had just 10 mln. units sold. Sega that facked Sonic completely.

They're not even close to Microsoft in doing things, although the Dreamcast was a great system.

The PS2 had a year headstart on the XBOX 1 and look what it brought them. System first out, largest installed base, most 3rd party (exclusive) support. Well damn that's what's happening to the 360 now!''

Yeah but this is a different story. PS2 was out 1 year before X Box, and the PS2 wiped X Box 1 off the map by 7 x the sales! 360 is only beating PS3 by only a little over twice the sales? YOU cant compare whats happening now YET until 5 years have passed! The PS3 will catch up. Because #1 SONY has NOT touched their exclusive system sellers such as, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Metal Gear Solid 4, Tekken 6,etc. #2 Microsoft has ALREADY brought out their biggest guns, Halo 3 (Will be on PC as well ofcourse), Gears of War(Not a 360 exclusive), Bioshock (OOPS forgot its not a 360 exclusive!), Mass Effect? (Can't really say that it will be exclusive to 360 but my bets is it might go to PC as well maybe even the PS3.) MS has run out so they are just attacking Bungie to make a Halo 4 because THEY'VE run OUT of GREAT GAMES. Considering MS had a 1 year head start, GREAT GAMES,etc, I really don't think MS has anything on SONY. So yeah, good luck MART. XD So why do I choose PS3 over 360? Because most of the best games for 360 ARE-ON-PC and not to mention, massive hardware failures! In the end, all 3 systems are GREAT and thats ALL that matters!

Vip3r3986d ago

I think you might find that the PS2 had a 2 year head start over the xbox.

mark093986d ago

"The PS2 had a year headstart on the XBOX 1 and look what it brought them. System first out, largest installed base, most 3rd party (exclusive) support. Well damn that's what's happening to the 360 now!"

You are strongly mistaken, just because sony did it doesnt mean microsoft will accomplish the same.
And with a 30% failure rate the consoles wont last long...

Alvadr3986d ago

LOL @ Mart

Typical Fanbot - You round down PS3 sales figures but round up 360.


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StrboyM3987d ago

if you think about it 11 mil 360 sold with a 36% failure rate, lets say 1-2 mil are in the trash. that leaves the ps3 only 3 mil behind. food for thought.

Genuine3987d ago

Console math doesn't work that way.

Please don't let this comments section turn into a fanboy circle jerk.

anh_duong3987d ago

depends whether the broken 360 were fixed by microsoft or not. but there is a little bit of truth in the theory but i also think microsoft are above 13 million consoles sold (not just shipped) now.

AngelOFDeath3987d ago

screw that, if the system shipped 13mil dont mean they have had sold em all, last I check there widely available

MADGameR3986d ago

Yes PS2 had a 2 year start in SOME countries but guess what? X Box 1 was world wide released in 2002, PS2 WAS'NT until 2004. If X Box 1 had a 2 year start, PS2 would've STILL wiped it off the map! Now remember, 7 TIMES the sale of the X Box and went world wide in 2004. X Box went world wide on 2002 so yah, I'd say X Box got a 2 year start world wide.

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Prismo_Fillusion3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

I think it'll catch up, but it might take a couple more years.

Edit @ Below: Well if you look at the sales graphs, the PS3 is almost exactly (it's odd) on target with the 360's first year sales - the graphs look nearly identical. So assuming the PS3 gets a boost from having better games in '08 and a cheaper price point, I think '08 is the year when it narrows the gap, and '09 is the year when it catches up (or come very close).

Danja3987d ago

umm years..? the PS3 has already half the total 360 install base in a year I say couple more months...after that the Wii is the next target..!!

Genuine3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

I think by the end of this generation it will be very close. I don't think the ps3 will ever catch the 360 in North America, but I believe Europe and Japan will pick up the slack. Like you said though, it will take atleast 3 years. The 360 has outsold the ps3 in worldwide numbers every month for a year now. If the ps3 outsold the 360 by 100,000 every mmonth for 4 years, it would just be getting caught up.

SlippyMadFrog3987d ago

Ever tried doing the math?

6 million consoles in 12 months -> 500 000 units per month.

The Ps3 would have to sell 500 000 units per month for 12 months straight without the Xbox360 selling a single unit.
At the moment it isn't even doing half of that.

Think before posting

dfcm20033987d ago

didnt PS3 sell almost 6 mil, in a year with out any games?

ry-guy3986d ago

They were sold as Blu-Ray players.

The problem is not if they can sell Playstation 3 units, the problem is can they sell software to play on the unit?

People have been buying the Wii because it is innovative.
People have been buying the 360 because it has games to play.
People have been buying the PS3 because it is a Blu-Ray player.

switch-it3986d ago

Well, i bought the PS3 for playing games.

Fototherapist3986d ago

I bought my PS3 for both games and movies. Was that bad?

mark093986d ago

I disagree, I think you bought the 360 for the dvd player. You dont have to put the ps3 down because it has an advance drive.

ry-guy3986d ago

I'm not putting the PS3 down, just pointing out why the majority of people have purchased the PS3 because it is a cheap BluRay player.

You may have purchased it for the games, when I buy a PS3 it will be for the same menality. Right now, I cannot justify that purchased without a larger exclusive gaming library.

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gamesR4fun3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Tho I think m$ is way better positioned now then they were against the ps2... Still if $ony keeps pumping out the games and home works out I expect the gap to be a whole lot closer by 2009.

Xemnas3987d ago

ps3 fan--->(Puts flame suit on) ok i am ready O_O