The King of Fighters XIII Cosplay Competition Announced

In celebration of the upcoming launch of The King of Fighters XIII, cosplayers have the opportunity to let their vision run wild at the forthcoming London MCM Expo, which runs from 28th to 30thOctober at ExCeL London. Go head-to-head with other King of Fighters cosplayers on Saturday 29th October on the ‘Totally Cosplay’ stage and show the judges how you bring the characters from the game to life for your chance to be dubbed the ‘King of Fighters’.

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dirthurts3514d ago

That's a hot photo.
That is all.

DarkBlood3514d ago

did somebody say hot potato? oh wait nvm, oooooooooh check out that picture.

what was i saying again? lol

ChrisW3513d ago

The only things spot on about that picture are the boobs. There are hundreds of cuter looking Mai cosplays out there.

DarkBlood3513d ago

in your opinion maybe but then again i just find positives on everybody

FlareDReborn3514d ago

Indeed. Thats the only reason i clicked.

Gray-Fox-Type03513d ago

only 7 comments and 400 degrees and in headline wow some people are pervs. this not good reputation for gamers.

sashimi3513d ago

Not some people are pervs, everyone is a perv its just that many don't admit it and or are in denial. We are human after all.

Mai cosplay are always welcome :)

Abriael3513d ago

The fun part is that that picture doesn't even appear in the article.

Someone's whoring for heat.

Nexgensensation3513d ago

I bet most of you guys would just smash and split...


I would give her a dragon punch in the batty whole!

Nexgensensation3513d ago

what the hell is "a dragon punch in the batty whole!"?

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KendrickGLS3514d ago

Hot pic! Nice boobs! KOF is awsome! It's my most favorite fighting game! They need to make a 3rd maximum impact! Righteous!

Gamer30003514d ago

lol bec this photo this topic is 300d !!!
and only 3 comments

jlemdon3513d ago

she looks like Jessica Bangkok!!!! :-)

lepolohuevo3513d ago

Nah, Jessica's too chubby and flat... And she's too loud.

TheClown3513d ago

too loud? That's like saying your favorite food is too delicious.

Convas3513d ago

There's no such thing as a woman that's too loud son. She just needs to bite on a pillow.

It should go without saying though, if your woman is crying out while you're servicing her, it means you're probably doing it right.

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The story is too old to be commented.