Battlefield 3 beta hacked to support 128 players

Battlefield 3 beta servers have been hacked to support 64 and 128 player Conquest versions of the Operation Metro map.

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limewax3287d ago

WOW! I was just about to go give this a shot, but they are banning Origin accounts for this.

So banning BF3 players for playing BF3 in 64 player conquest.....

Megaton3287d ago

@MsBot - That looks and sounds really fun.

Where did DICE say they're banning people who play on these servers?

iNcRiMiNaTi3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

That ban is probably just a scare tactic. Quick match can put people in these hacked rooms. Imagine someone who doesn't know about the hacked rooms, comes home from work/school clicks quick match and gets dropped in a hacked server and gets banned. There would be alot of people in that situation and they would complain

Corax3287d ago

The lag looks unbearable. So if the servers crash on pc who would they blame? Or does it work like that?

Pandamobile3286d ago

@Corax, one server can not crash every the master server, if that's what you're implying.

3286d ago
pixelsword3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

I gotta admit two things:

1. Mods make good games better almost all of the time

2. I have to give Zipper games credit for making 128 and 256 player games possible in MAG; it seems like they're the only ones to do a modern FPS with 256 in 720p and lag-free, though.

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gogospeedracer3287d ago

Haha That is freaking awesome. I might have to build a new system.

WANNAGETHIGH3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

And u wonder why devs hate supporting PC. As much as im not impressed with the beta and i think this game is overhyped this is sad news for DICE who r putting there work into this game. Why hack it? I wont be suprised that the next article is *BF3 is pirated, u can now download the pre alpha build on PC* Reminds of what happend to Crysis 2 on PC.

@theonlylolking (below)..To u it may improve the game but im pretty sure DICE did not want this to happen. If they did DICE would have made it 100+ people online for the beta. Which ever way u see it hacking a crime and im pretty sure game devs do not like it when there game is hacked.

theonlylolking3287d ago

This hack improved the game for those that like 100+ people in a match.

limewax3287d ago

Not really, Modified servers always come with BF games, DICE knew it was going to happen, just probably not with the beta. TBH if DICE were calling the shot then they probably would let it go ahead and take advantage of the opportunity for extra stress testing


Because there is absolutely no pirates or hacks for consoles. Oh wait...there are. The only difference is PC hacks and piracy end up in articles over every single instance and console piracy gets one.

Jobesy3287d ago

Lol this game is a joke, Battlefail 3 already hacked and it's not even out yet!

limewax3287d ago


I would say your logic is flawed, but you displayed none anyway

Rainstorm813287d ago

sERIOUSLY Skaggy, PC has more piracy and more hacks than any console....Thats probably why you hear about it more on PC.

Prime example is the consoles Beta Hacked??.....nuff said

evrfighter3287d ago

BF2 demo servers were hacked to include all unlocks. DICE and EA tried this scare tactic even then and they were just blowing smoke.

They can't risk bad PR here as they are up against MW3 this fall.

Solid_Snake-3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

hacks on console = flying in the air,no damage,hiding under the map,rapid fire pads and stupid flashing colours on there names in ranked games and no body can stop them.

hacks on PC = 128 players with a bag load of fun.

EPIC FAIL towelie


Somebody3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

It's a good hack. It showed what else the engine can do beyond what the developer told us before. It's bound to happen to any PC game. Just look at the supposedly unmoddable GTA4.

You buy a console game and ...that's it. You assume that's the best you game/console can do until the next sequel comes around. You sit down and wait for the DLC.

You buy a PC game and within a day you see some guy out there unlocked something in the game that make the game better or at least keep them playing longer in the absent of DLCs.

Yes, DICE is frowning over the hack now but once the demand became so high, who knows, maybe a patch after launch would officially allow 128 players. Why wouldn't it. PC gamers have seen and tasted the 128 so do you really think they will let this one fade away?

If they allow that during launch it might the put off console players since they will still be stuck with the 32 players limit. So launch the game and once everyone have settled down, release some DLCs for the consoles while giving the PC gamers the 128 players patch. (Just a hypothesis).

Beside, didn't they say all the achievements from the Beta will be deleted from Origin once BF3 goes retail. All those Beta players will have to start all over again for the real game(albeit easier) but they have been bitten with the 128 bug.

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dark-hollow3287d ago

And this, ladies and gentlemen, why the pc is awesome sauce!

hassi943287d ago

It's brilliant I'm on a 200 player server right now!!!!

Organization XII3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

I just played in a 250-players server..FREAKING INSANE

DirtyLary3286d ago

Ya I bet that lag made it sooo awesome dude.

DeadlyFire3286d ago

Depends on your connection. Mine would equal lag like hell. If everyone has 25 Mbps or something higher though.

PR0X13286d ago

On PC you can build your own server and maintain it. You can ban and kick people you don't want on your server.

The console version is also running on dedicated servers only EA has full control over them.

So the answer to your question is if one server crashes than you move on to the other 895365734 servers that are still online.

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lugia 40003287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )


There is 250 player servers already.

Yea majiebeast believe DICE's threatning. They won't do anything. It would mess sales up and you can join to anything in quick match.

Lol at all the disagrees. Are you guys scared of their threatening? Make a new account.

majiebeast3287d ago

Dont do it guys youll get banned from what i heard.

Jihaad_cpt3287d ago

why they keep your arse safe don't they?

No Way3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Not if they are crooked assholes. Like some in my small town..
Here, they give out tickets to people for no reason, whatsoever.

Oh, wait.. It's cause they have to meet a quota.
They have to get certain amount of money, every month, in tickets.

Commander_TK3287d ago

Coming straight from the underground.

RyuCloudStrife3287d ago

the games already hacked? OMG

Anti-Fanboyer3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Hackers are gonna love this one.

KonGreat3286d ago

That's the bad side of hacking. Kinda ruins the game for everyone.
While 128 players sounds pure awesome

Dart893287d ago

UMM what part of THIS IS A BETA NOT THE FULL GAME don't you understand??

NAGNEWS3287d ago

RPG guys vs the world war III

modesign3287d ago

Dart you noob, if they can hack a beta then they sure as hell can hack the full release game, atleast this gives EA some heads up on whats to come

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