13 Of the Most Realistic Gaming Screen Shots

The Maximum PC Staff writes: Let's face it: the rate in which games are growing is exponential; we dare any of you to look at a 'groundbreaking' game from ten years ago and not giggle a little. It's scary, awesome, and a little unnerving.

We're rapidly getting to the point where it's going to become difficult to differentiate between the video game world and reality (a prime example being the ArmA 2 snafu made by ITV earlier this week), so we decided to compile our favorite realistic looking titles from the past two years or so.

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MaxXAttaxX3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

2 of the last 3 pics aren't really that photo-realistic.

Allow me to include a few pics that just might fit that category:
And in motion:

jeeves863484d ago

Yeah, ME2's effects look nice, but there are hundreds of better-looking games out there.

CrimsonEngage3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

Crap. All crap. I'v seen better screens captured by community. Even the fact that you put ME2 in that list and not ONE single screenshot from Forza 4 tells me you lot are retarded.


To the guy below me- 13 of the most realistic GAMING screenshots. When I hear that, I don't just think of "PC" games. And the the guy below him... lmao. Keep telling yourself that.

Bladesfist3484d ago

You expected forza 4 to be in a list for MaximumPC?

MaxXAttaxX3484d ago

Those aren't even in-game models. Sorry.
They were made by a different company(not Turn 10) for the menus and "autovista".

IRetrouk3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

your pic is cgi, the replay looks good but not as good as that pic lol

ok sorry the gameplay looks as good as that cgi pic, happy?

crimson, if you honestly believe that that cgi pic looks anything like actual gameplay then you are more than deluded, there is plenty of direct feed gameplay from the demo to see what the game really looks like, like i said the game looks really good but that pic and auto vista look nothing like gameplay. its a day 1 buy lim ed, but come on, get real.

humbleopinion3484d ago

Some of these look photorealistic, but some don't. In general, it's usually easiest to reach photorealism level with racing games, and especially in modes where only one high poly car model is loaded. GTA IV with mods, Dirt 3, Forza in autovista mode, and GT5 photo mode probably produce the most photorealistic screenshots. It's much harder to create a photorealistic face.

BitbyDeath3484d ago

If you think any of those pics are photo realistic then you all need better cameras.

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