High-Def DVD Divide

Consumers thinking of buying a high-definition DVD player face quite a quandary this holiday season.

The format war between Blu-ray and HD DVD remains intense, with no clear winner emerging.

Major movie studios generally are siding with one or the other, meaning most popular movie titles are offered on only one format. Warner Bros. is supporting both.

"It is a battle," said Brian Cline, operations manager at Circuit City's Northfield Stapleton store. "Blu-ray does have the better sound, but HD has a little bit of the bigger names. We leave it up to the customer."

The rivalry is reminiscent of the battle between VHS and Betamax for home videotape supremacy in the early 1980s. Many consumers found themselves stuck with an obsolete Betamax.

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wil4hire4013d ago

will play a factor this holiday season..

AS it does every holiday season.

Danja4013d ago

I think it will play a major factor this holiday....

Ratatouille , Cars and POTC shall do well..overall..!!

wil4hire4013d ago


PS3/360 Has a few rounds left in the fight..

but Bluray has won, right now HD-DVD is giving its death rattles. 150,000 transformer discs.. I am sure paramount is thrilled with those mind blowing #'s.

Danja4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

Do you really think Paramount gives a sh!t..Money talks and they only switched bcuz of the dough..did you happen to see ne Transformer ads for HD-DVD..?? I didn't..I haven't even seen an ad for the freakin product either....

Paramount is marking alot of X's on there calender counting down to the expiration date of the contract..!! sucks to be them..RED IS DEAD.!

gamesR4fun4013d ago

seems pretty much in the br favor to me...
still sucks they are playing favs at all imo

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Brian52474013d ago

Lets be serious here, you all know it.

Lionsguard4013d ago

HD-DVD has bigger names? Do they mean movie studios? because in terms of movies they have much more than HD-DVD.

Danja4013d ago

They probabaly think that the porn industry counts...they forgot that the internet exist and ppl can get it for free..!!

blackmagic4012d ago

The internet hasn't prevented people from buying adult films on DVD. Also, HD DVD has a lot of new special features that the adult industry could take advantage of in very creative ways adding 'value' to their releases.

ruibing4012d ago

Blu Ray unofficially supports porn. I really like someone to do a stats on whether people buying porn would rather have digital distribution, DVDs, or hi def DVDs.

blackmagic4012d ago

The big difference between HD DVD/Blu-ray and Beta/VHS is that there wasn't any players that played both beta and vhs. We already have players from LG and Samsung which are dual format. This format war will be meaningless as soon as these types of players are affordable.