Ten Games That Have Mind Boggling AI

GB: Most of the popular games today focus on multiplayer, with online FPS and party games soaring to the top of the charts time and time again. Whilst online play and a recent surge in the acceptability of gaming mean it’s easier than ever to find some buddies to team up with, it wasn’t always this way. Games were much more single player focused in years gone by, and the games that still retain this focus require a sound AI to truly engage the player. Here are ten games that have produced believable and engaging artificial intelligence.

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buddymagoo4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

No killzone series??? Some of the best Ai I have come up against.

Solid_Snake-4255d ago

think you will find F.E.A.R has the best AI.

Venoxn4g4257d ago

how about Hitman and max payne?

RememberThe3574256d ago

Is it just me or does AI generally suck. The best AI I can think of is in FEAR but even then they were pretty boneheaded.

humbleopinion4256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

Totally agree. Even in FEAR the developers mentioned how they "cheated" and used to their advantage the fact that the game consisted of lengty linear corridors with predetermined cover spots that are hard to flank. In open arenas the FEAR AI is pretty worthless.

Most shooters offer incredibly scripted and/or spawning AI. Stealth games are even worse (thief, MGS, Splinter Cell) where the whole AI effort is focused around patrol routes and sound detection but near zero combat AI.

The only notable modern shooter with proper AI (one that can fight properly in big arenas with no hard scripting) I can think of is Halo Reach. Crysis also made some noble attempts in that area but the AI is still lacking there.

L4D and Black & White are also good mentions in that list for their unique approach. But I was expecting to also see Starcraft 2 custom user AI scripting there.

RevXM4256d ago

Killzone 2?
Nuff said.

Unreal? (the original one)
Introduces dodging enemies didnt it?
They were also able to trick you from time to time.

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