CVG - LA Noire: Made to be played on PC

CVG - 3D and top tech brings 1940s Los Angeles to life like never before.

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Jacobite3491d ago

If its as good or as near as Mafia 2 I will pick up a copy

Voxelman3491d ago

*mandatory would have preferred Read Dead Redemption comment*

NukaCola3490d ago

You just want it for the mods. So you can drive a delorian across the

yamzilla3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

All games are "made to be played on pc"

as all games are freaking made on pc's!

The only reason some are exclusive is because sony or microsoft pay off the devs to make them such.

Killzone 3 was MADE ON PC!

Halo Reach - MADE ON PC!

God of War 3 - MADE ON PC!

and they would all be way better played on pc because even a crappy mid-range pc has 10x the power of the ps3 or 360!

PC's are capable of 1080p, 1200p, 1440p, 1600p
consoles are lucky if the get 1024x700

PC's deliver 8x, 16x, 32x, 64x anti aliasing
consoles have 0-2x if you're lucky!

Every single game is made on and for, and better on pc!

Sobari3490d ago

Made on PC ≠ Made for PC

NukaCola3490d ago

God of War wouldn't feel right on PC, like how RTS don't sit well on PC(even your so call HALO WARS which no one plays anymore)

Christopher3490d ago

Disagree that just because a game is coded and the graphics are made on a PC, that the game would play better on a PC. The only reason games are made on PCs is because the applications used to make games run on an OS specific to PCs and have driver support for the necesaary input devices (keboards, mice, wacom tablets, etc.).