Splinter Cell Launching with Wii

Not content with a mere seven Wii launch window games, Ubisoft is adding yet another one to the growing list. IGN got the exclusive announcement along with first details and screenshots.

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Asylumchild5867d ago

I can not ever think of why someone would play this on the wii nintendo really mest up This time they made it not a serious console. All the pictures I see are familys playing games Little kids and a bunch of people. Im sorry but Video games arnt ment for little kids to fewl around on. Most people want a console that they can have fun and win well these games it looks liek they made them based on having fun and not being that challangeing I was thinking wow this console will be cool with the new controler then as i saw the games and stuff it looks ridiculouse NICE try nintendo but you failed once again

ChickeyCantor5867d ago (Edited 5867d ago )

is gaming a serious matter?

you are soo naive!

nintendo always have been challenging so stop talking BS.

wakkiwakko5867d ago

Obviously he hasn't beaten a single game on his console of choice as it was too hard which made it simply an amazing game. Hahaha.

Nintendo has quite challenging titles. They are as challenging as those on x360, xbox, ps1, ps2, sdc. Just that they don't show blood, they're for kids? Hahahahaha. I'd rather play a game with some replay value than to constantly run over pedestrians just to get some extra gore.

SjaakHaas5866d ago

Lockpicking and fibrewiring would be great :)

With the sound of a cracking lock trough ur remotespeakers or the guy u are strangling with ur cord could be heard trough those speakers... that would be awsome :)