Jobe gives an update on Starhawk's development

KingPS3.com: "In a few new Twitter posts by LightBox Interactive's Dylan Jobe, an update has been made on the development status of the company's upcoming title, Starhawk. He claims that a new build of the game will soon be sent to Sony and that they have worked on tuning flight combat this week."

mayberry4385d ago

starhawk looks like a total blast!

Hufandpuf4385d ago

I hope this game does well. I don't have a PS3 but the industry needs more games like these.

TheClown4385d ago

I'll buy it when they make the main character white.


Roundtable: Dead Game Franchises We Miss

With every big game now belonging to a big intellectual property, there are those that have become redundant. Here are the series' we miss.

RPGer885d ago

I miss Dark Cloud I mean damn, Dark Cloud 2 is one of the best Action RPG game ever made. The game have: Rich Worlds, different setting, tons of contents, vareity in gameplay like never before (and even after), best buliding mechanics, crafting system like no one did and finally impressive graphics.

Most underrated game ever. It deserved the popularity and sales of Zelda and Final Fantasy. ut unfortunately, Level-5 and Sony didn't advertise it at all.

titans9999885d ago

My franchises I wish would make a come back, are Battlefront by pandemic studios - galactic conquest was the best, mercenaries 1 and 2, and prototype 1 and 2...great games!


Pure Reminiscing: Starhawk

Pure PlayStation: Pure Reminiscing is a brand new feature from our very own Kyle Durant. It’s… different. Think of it like a mini-novel full of Kyle’s most weird and wonderful musings about games of yesteryear. If nothing else, at least it’s long enough to give you something to do on your journey to work in the morning….

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PS3 Exclusive Starhawk Game Servers Gets Decommissioned Today

The online component of Starhawk, a spiritual successor to the multiplayer-focused online game Warhawk, is no longer playable after June 30, 2018.

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telekineticmantis1921d ago

Fortnite reminds me of Warhawk with Starhawk mechanics, now People know why I liked that game so much.

ChronoJoe1921d ago

Why? Starhawk and Warhawks selling point is probably the flight gameplay, Fortnite doesn't have any of that... it's not really similar at all...

jocomat91920d ago

Wow same bro. Trying to plat fortnite to go with my warhawk plat. But I missed my chance to plat starhawk sadly.

Avalanche1920d ago

very similiar. the drop in from the sky aspect, the hit detection, the way the characters move, everything was ripped from Star/Warhawk.

I would be surprised at all if Fortnite introduces dog fighting and it controls exactly like Starhawk

SmielmaN1921d ago

Agreed. Was so fun back then....

Null19801921d ago

The multiplayer with base building was so good and so overlooked in its time.

I think it took a lot of flak in the reviews because of its lackluster single player campaign. That's a shame. The campaign was pretty much one big tutorial to get you ready for the online mp. Yea, it wasn't great, but the mp was.

I hope they make another Warhawk or Starhawk in the future!

XisThatKid1921d ago

Make it f2p as is on ps4

kevnb1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

I remember it just not feeling very good to play, that’s why it failed. You have to nail the core mechanics in a multiplayer game.

joab7771921d ago

Can’t believe they are still up! I’ve been waiting for a PS4 remaster.

Deep-throat1921d ago

I only played the beta, it was fun. But isn't it weird this gets decommissioned before Warhawk?

ZaWarudo1921d ago

Hardcore Warhawk fans absolutely hated Starhawk. I think it was the building mechanics that they didn't like.

I thought it was cool.

THC CELL1921d ago

Warhawk is on playstaton now and is quiet active

TeamIcoFan1921d ago

I think Warhawk also supports dedicated servers so even if the official servers go offline, people can still play it.

PUBG1920d ago

I uninstalled Starhawk around 3 years ago, mainly because almost nobody was playing it at that time. It was one of the best multiplayer games on the market, so it's kind of sad that it wasn't more popular than it ended up being.

1921d ago
Tobse1921d ago

When did LightBox Interactive close down? They laid of a few people after sony ended the contract in 2012 but they began work on a IOS game.