No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise Review

Greg Knoll states, "Ultimately, though, that was what I loved about it. It has all the essentials to make a great game-excellent voice-overs, tight controls, a unique battle system and great look-and it stays grounded in that but it can still be quirky at times, the characters, the random references to it being a game instead of real life, the silly enemies. No More Heroes isn't one of those games that's utterly bizarre all the time in some futile effort to set itself apart. Its base is rooted in the prototypical action games of today, but every now and then goes off the beaten path just enough to be utterly entertaining and original."

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kma2k3585d ago

i cant comment on the actual game but to me the demo was a solid 5 out of 10 i cant see the game being that much better.

beast242tru3585d ago

the demo was a 3 out of 10 for me

Venox20083585d ago

great game 9/10 ...most of the score goes to the story, quirkyness and boss battles