Virtual Console Wishlist

RPGSite wishes upon a star decides on a list of titles to pray end up on Nintendo's Virtual Console for the much anticipated Wii. Surprisingly, few are RPGs.

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Captain Tuttle5868d ago

to get a Wii. I've been feeling pretty nostalgic lately.

kewlkat0075867d ago

I've been playing nintendo since 89 soI've played alot of titles. I think nintendo's best system was the SNES 16-bit era. Is this virtual console going to be free or something like Xbox 360? at least nintendo's first part titles should be free.

wakkiwakko5867d ago

No one knows. People think it will be like 1.99 per game or something.

I would love it if it were free. I'd pay for wii games, but for old snes games and such? I can get an emulator and play them on my pc with a snes gamepad. (i can hookup my pc to my tv) and get the same expierence. Hehe.

I guess it depends on the price (if there'll be one). Nintendo doesn't need to charge for Virtual Console. It's a feature that's been already announced. It's not like xbl where it's something you pay for. Virtual Console is part of the wii. So its content can be free.I hope it will be.

People will pay to play the classics. No doubt. And nintendo will pretty much get more money out of the virtual console than actual wii games and such.

We'll know soon. 4 days soon. :D I think. Keep your fingers crossed.

deathtok5866d ago

Nintendo had said in the past that games on virtual console will be available for a small fee. However, I would be surprised if they didn't offer a free game to everyone that bought the Wii.

I'm much more excited about the possibilites that new games will be developed for old consoles. I've been talking about a way to do that for a long time. Nintendo has finally provided one.

minikikers5867d ago

I don't know if it should be free. A lot of the games to go on the Virtual console are games that spent a lot of time and money to make, especially in the N64 era, and with the relative lack of success of that console I wouldn't mind paying a couple of quid for a quality game. Plus I'm fairly new to Nintendo, love them so far, and I want to catch up on the classics I've missed, while giving a little love-money back to the Big N.