DMC4's Nero Headlines October Issue of Game Informer Magazine

It might be devilish but we're sure you'd definitely want to get your hands on the next issue of Game Informer Unlimited. Expected to reach the stands this September 20, the October cover was already revealed and it headlines the PlayStation 3 upcoming title Devil May Cry 4.

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subcell5862d ago

Can't wait for TGS 06!

tackleb0x5862d ago

Hopefully they make the series back to how good the first one was. Since then its been a solid "C" game.

Gamer135862d ago

This should be a ps3 seller.

beans5862d ago

Game Informer is probably the only magazine I would even think of picking up! They always get the best stories and seem to be very unbiased towards either system!

FreeMonk5861d ago

Devil May Cry 4 needs to move a step beyond what has been offered from the previous 3 titles. Adding another character is not going to add much to the gameplay.

Just as the MGS series evolves, it always adds another aspect for the players to enjoy, whereas DMC hasn't.

The same can be said about may games, but DMC is a major game for the success of the PS3, and therefore needs something new, just like what happened for Resi 4.