Joystiq: "Mark Bradford is mother-f$#&ing Batman."

It's a grim story, and simply inexcusable. A grown man attacking a child like this turns our stomachs and should turn the stomach of any responsible, caring human. This is the end of our post on the matter, and it in no way continues after the break.

...OK, they're gone. Sorry, we can't be too careful and our bosses never read after the jump. Here's our real post.

We need to first apologize about what we said about Mark Bradford, because Mark Bradford is mother-fucking Batman.

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ryhanon4139d ago

If it were just a guy showing up and giving the kid a good scare, something he'd remember the next time he's being a little bastard online, I could absolutely get behind this. But that isn't what happened. This guy physically assaulted the kid. I'm sorry, but when did we forget the old playground saying: "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me"? Grow up. He's a 46 year old man, he should be able to deal with some punk kid calling him names and harassing him online.

BattleTorn4139d ago

......somebody doesn't know how to mute!


BattleTorn4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

I'm surprised, with all the attention this story's getting, that no one has questioned the mother on why her 13yr-old is allowed to be taunting in a M-rated game.

Robotronfiend4139d ago

They also didn't mention that the the kid, his mother, and the older man all knew each other before this incident. The older guy was also known to have a history of mental problems.

This is the equivalent of choking out the annoying neighbor kid. I think that might make it better than some guy tracking down a random kid's address and going after him Jay and Silent Bob style. :-)

"Welcome to the last 2.5 million years of evolution kid." Loved that line.

Bolts4139d ago

LOL!! This article is spot on. Think I'll go by the Mark Bradford handle in BF3.

ssb31734139d ago

LOOOL although batman is cool, and he is not