Saints Row: The Third Streaking Mini-game

Get your first look at the streaking mini-game in this messed up crime game.

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BattleTorn4149d ago

"Streaking level # complete!
Earned # Respect"


jeeves864148d ago

Day one purchase.

I love the awesome 'streaking run,' too. That was present in the 2nd game, too. Fun times.

zero_cool4148d ago (Edited 4148d ago )


BuffMordecai4148d ago

This game is rated mature, so why don't they just have nudity. Oh I forgot, we must THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN!!!! even though they shouldn't be playing this.

Kahvipannu4141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

Yeah, blowing up people, and all other bizarre stuff in SR, but nudity is a no no, and general in enertainment industry it's a bit weird. Maybe SR3 will have option for it tought.