What's Next For Bungie?

What's next for Bungie? Everybody knows that Halo 3 is well underway at Microsoft's Bungie unit. But there's more going on inside the secretive game developer than just that one blockbuster project. Jason Jones, the project lead on the Halo games, and Chris Butcher, the top programmer, are both working on a different game. They are on a small project that is exploring something new beyond the Halo universe. These guys are the cream of the crop in terms of the key talent at Bungie. Without them, neither Halo nor Halo 2 would have happened. Jones took about a year off after the launch of Halo 2, traveling around the world. Now he's back and is trying to come up with something new.

On top of that, Bungie apparently has another team working on yet another game.

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original seed5860d ago

Halo is meant to be a Shooter not an RPG. Well unless its something like Huxley is promising to be.

Marriot VP5860d ago

yah I meant to say MMOFPS but for some reason it didn't let me edit it.

Islandkiwi5860d ago

Bungie started with Marathon, they refined it to Halo...I'd love to see them go in a different direction, see what they can do.

TheXgamerLive5860d ago (Edited 5860d ago )

You all know what happens when a person, designer, company becomes well known for doing 1 think extremely well.....they want to show a different side so they go and do something else different before returning to the original. I think after Halo 3's mass effect (pardon the pun) on the universe, Bungie will bring out/release something totally different atleast in concept/story line. when or if that something is a success, then I think the possible and probable Halo MMO may see the light.
Remember though, whatever this next possibly new project is, it's probably already 1/3 of the way complete, in fact a possible Halo MMO could already be on the drawing board and be ready in a 2/3 year span.

EVER OLVERA5860d ago

I really believe that Bungie can really pull off a MMOFPS. The Halo universe is diverse and can include of unknown entities and characters. Imagine a universe where the user can choose to be part of the Human of Covenant effort. And within that party there can be a diverse selection of characters to choose from. You can choose to be a elite or even a grunt. Of course, each character will have pro's and con's. But nonetheless, essential to the team effort. If anyone can make something
as diverse as an MMOFPS, it's probably Bungie. But here's hoping for Huxley and Webzen to create a rich game...

TheXgamerLive5860d ago

This is one game that's being worked very hard on, as well as Halo 3. Notice how quiet it's become, there not waisting time on demo's etc... There polishing an excellent game.

Were going to hve some awesome gaming coming in the next few months. I may have to quit my job and just sell blood to play games, I mean I just dont have time for work:))

Marriot VP5860d ago

Yah I look to huxley to make a solid MMOFPS for the 360. If not halo, huxley will do. I was dissapointed that mass effect wasn't, just a normal rpg.

Microsoft Master5860d ago

It doesn't matter what Bungie does, i think it will always be good stuff. I've never seen a better development team, they are unrivalled, and that is special in a very saturated market of competition.

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