New PlayStation 3 Pad Mimics Xbox 360 Design

A new design of PlayStation 3 control pad has hits the market today. Created by PowerA, The Mini Pro Elite Wireless Controller is specifically designed to give PlayStation 3 gamers all the performance they need in a compact, ergonomic design.

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KonGreat2577d ago

Nice. While I have nothing against the playstation itself. I can't stand the controller, because when i use the analog sticks it feels weird and uncomfortable. But I'm just used to the xbox controller.
I think it's good that there's more variety in the controllers rather than the standard controller that comes with the console (they should do this with all consoles).

Number_132577d ago

360 controller is the way of the future

Baka-akaB2577d ago

Nope it just an alternative way . Like the ps3 pad is .

GunofthePatriots2577d ago

i lover the resistance of the analog sticks on the xbox controller. i also like the bulky-ness too.
ps3 controller feels cheap and the analog sticks are loose.

_Aarix_2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

A controller is more than a d-pad. The d pad is just a clunky analog stick its not very bad at all once your used to it.

--Onilink--2577d ago

I dont really have a problem with the dualshock but i cant deny the 360 is more confortable, aside from the dpad. I hope for the ps4 they at least rearrange the location of the left stick and the d pad

Tito082577d ago

Nah, the left stick position is fine, some of those 3rd party controllers are made for people who are into first person shooter games which ain't my genre at all, for everything else the Dualshock is fine!!!!!

Maybe Sony might need to make improvements for the sticks, but not the positioning, not everybody plays FPS!!!!

--Onilink--2577d ago

well i guess everyone has diferent tastes, i just prefer the positioning of the 360 sticks and not because FPS, those are not even a 10th of my total amount of games.

They should do like that new madcatz controller where you can swap them however you like

MrDead2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

I've never had a problem using the Playstation controller or the xbox's, guess I must be weird... either that or it might be because I'm not a child that hates a system and its game pad because Santa brought me the other one.

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The story is too old to be commented.