Resistance 3: The Best Single Player Shooter since Half Life 2 (Review) -

"The Resistance series has had its ups and downs. The first game carried the burden of being Sony's first blockbuster shooter, and being the only worthwhile PlayStation 3 exclusive at launch. The game had a great story and some cool ideas, but could not put the pieces together to offer a top tier experience."

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NewZealander2629d ago

yeah its one of the best FPS games Ive played in a long time, glad to see the franchise finally got to this point, shame it wasn't this good from the start!

Gamer30002629d ago

it's 9.5/10 for me

tmanmushroom2629d ago

I'm proud of this third installment! I definitely reccomend it!

killajd2629d ago

Ill have to be pick this one up. Thanks for the review

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The story is too old to be commented.