Guitar Hero III for Wii being pulled from stores?

With news last week surfacing that Guitar Hero III for the Wii plays in mono sound only, despite advertising that Dolby Pro Logic II is supported, Activision has repeatedly told gamers that they are "looking into the issue." Aside from that, they've yet to provide further details or a definitive time frame on distribution of a possible fix. Now, it appears that Activision is ready to address the problem.

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akaFullMetal3987d ago

wow, great that they are fixing this fast for the gamers, but then again, could they do a patch as well???

M_Prime3986d ago

what about the 300,000 that bought this game already? i mean if there is gonna be a better updated version coming out why should i have to be stuck with a gimped version.. i hope we get a downloadable patch or can go online and get a updated copy of the game somehow sent to us? i mean i love this game and it doesn't really bug me that its MONO (since i don't have a surround sound) but i mean if they are fixing it i want to get the fix as well.. I just hope they can patch it.. i don't wanna send stuff away and such. But still a great game and the online works good too :-)