Can Modern Warfare 3 Make You Fat?

Editorial: We look at a flawed plan to give gamers XP in exchange for soda.

There's a new way to massively boost your XP in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Simply guzzle bottles of Pepsi and chomp on bagfuls of Doritos.

A new promo cooked up by Activision and Pepsi offers consumers the chance to double their XP through specific play-times - IF they buy promoted cans of soda and bags of tasty corn chips.

No doubt, this seems like a great idea to the marketing whizzkids at these two august corporations. But not everyone agrees.

Writing in Forbes, Paul Tassi called the promo, "a new low for an industry that wants to keep digging." His argument? Very few people would say that the products offered under this promotion are healthy; therefore offering them to gamers in exchange for valuable in-game currency is leading them to eat poorly and increasingly damaging their health.

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zeal0us4149d ago

If you are sitting in front of your tv playing majority of the day + eating junk food then yes it can make you fat.

WANNAGETHIGH4149d ago (Edited 4149d ago )

Lol.. I just love Cod. Can't wait for MW3 :)

[email protected] the disagree.. Looks like some BF fanboy can't accept the fact I still love Cod.

Trophywhore4149d ago

I could use a little weight. My metabolism is way too fast to put on any body fat.

Kran4149d ago

Any game with an addicting multiplayer can.

Will it? Depends on the person.

HarryKawk4149d ago


NBT914149d ago

Is this promotion taking effect in the UK as well? We only have the original Mountain Dew over here...
Oh well, if it does then I will still be going through the 4 or so bottles I currently get through in a week so it would just be a bonus as far as I am concerned.

Plus if the code is just on the label, they are not forcing you to guzzle down whole bottles, or bags of dorritos... You see a smart person, would buy them, remove the label, use code and then consume them at a casual pace...

MrBeatdown4149d ago

Stupid people! You just don't get it. Double XP means you are done reaching the 100th Prestige level in half the time, then you have more free time to get your fat ass outside. It all balances out in the end.

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