Team Fortress 2 becomes 2D. Team Fortress Arcade is out now

Team Fortress Arcade recreates Team Fortress 2 as an old-school scrolling arcade shooter. You play as one of the nine TF2 classes, rendered in adorable 2D sprite form. You can gang up with three friends and fight your way Eastwards to face off against each level boss, a member of the Red team. The first boss is the Red Scout. He chugs bonk and zooms around in zig zags. Hilarious and annoying, it captures the Scout perfectly.

ATi_Elite4677d ago

would look even more adorable with hats!!

ATi_Elite4677d ago

Where's the Hats and can i import my awesome hat collection to this game!

SSultan4676d ago

Kidding right? When are they going to do a TFC remake. TF2 was such a bummer.


Slander, extortion and doxxing - beneath the surface of TF2’s bot crisis

Behind the aimbots that have plagued Team Fortress 2, a far more sinister story of harassment has unfolded - and it's only getting worse.

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How Valve has treated Team Fortress 2 is a disgrace, and its community deserves better

17 years on from release and 5 years into a botting epidemic, Team Fortress 2 is on its knees, and it's high time Valve stepped in to fix it.

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badz14946d ago

Valve can do no wrong, remember?

fsfsxii45d ago

Ah yes, pc gaming aka the bastion of fairness and equity and everlasting online playerbase, all i can say is lmao
Not to mention that these tf2 idiots were the progenitor of mrx in gaming


Team Fortress 2 Gets An Unexpected Next-Gen Update After 17 Years

Valve has finally introduced the much-needed 64-bit support in an unexpected Team Fortress 2 update after 17 years since its release.

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Michiel198989d ago

64 bit support is not the same as a next gen upgrade. 64 bit has been used for like 12-15 years now?