Texas Hold 'em Review

Microsoft guaranteed that Texas Hold 'Em Poker would be a popular Xbox Live Arcade game by offering it as a free download for two days in late August. Indeed, it was soon announced as one of the service's hottest downloads, peaking out at 100 downloads a minute in the early hours.

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Marriot VP5860d ago

OH YAH, put your face into the game with 360 vision

uuuunvnv25860d ago

ARE THEY SERIOUS. I know its only poker, BUT...
6.2 is a real low scrore. Thats a score that would not make me want to get this, even though i do have it. this game is SO much fun, even if you suck at it. the graphics are not anything to wow about, but like i said its poker. i think this game at least need a 7.5 or 8. the game play and lasting appeal raitings should both be 10's. I wish someone would give good reviews on games.