Dead Island wins with massive three week sales on consoles

It seems gamers can't get enough of zombies in video games as Techland's Dead Island has proven.

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joydestroy2575d ago

it won gamers over? iunno
but the article is a tad confusing when it says three week sales and then says after two weeks lol

either way, it's a great game. bugs are starting to be ironed out on consoles so i hope gamers are patient. favorite zombie game evarrrrrrr

SilentNegotiator2575d ago

VGchartz's lotto guesses, that's what it won.

RyuDrinksTheDew2575d ago

good to hear, this game deserves it imo.

kevnb2575d ago

i bet it did awesome on steam too.

cr33ping_death2575d ago

so... is it playable? i keep hearing about too many bugs and such. was looking forward to it but i might just wait till they fix what people have complained about.

Number_132575d ago

Can't believe ps3 owners like this game more than they do Resistance 3

SilentNegotiator2575d ago

According to VGChartz ever-inaccurate numbers, sure.

But then everyone counted GT5 out until official numbers released and it was one of the fastest/best selling ps3 games.

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