8 Ways to Not Suck at the Battlefield 3 Open Beta

Bryce Wilson of Hot Blooded Gaming; "Compassion and rage at fighting alongside idiots has driven me to compile a handy ten step guide that will ultimately allow you to unleash havoc upon your unsuspecting enemies. So listen up soldier, and pay some damn attention."

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Matronedea4145d ago

The first bit of advice is the best.

Kreyg4145d ago

Yeah, I think anyone who doesn't remember that piece of advice might find themselves on the losing end of a firefight.

just_looken4145d ago

im sorry but everyone of these except #7 should be common knowledge for a avg online gamer fn sad there has to be a guide. Number 7 though shouldn't be there sense you should be able to enjoy a mp game with a avg person but again its true having 4+ people on your team that you know is good/not brain dead/not a ahole helps alot.

Batmau54145d ago

Read it and learn! Nothing worse than an assault who won't drop health or revive fallen team-mates. Hell, some Assault's don't even heal themselves.

bumnut4145d ago

Agreed, A friend of mine was the worst medic ever in BC2.

I got healed more by random teammates than him.

Call_me_Ishmael4145d ago

the thing that people need to remeber is to use everything youve got,youre an assault med packs,use em,youre a suppresor,ammo packs use em

xYLeinen4145d ago

Good article.. Now read it guys!!

Mr PS34145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

This isnt Call of Duty !
Well i sure hope all The CoD Pieces who are gonna try this out forget this one basic principle
Because they will be Easy Meat running around with thier Auto Aim,Arcade Shooter Mentality

I'll Give the CoD Pieces 10 mins before they Quit and get back to CoD

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The story is too old to be commented.