Halogen shut down

It is with a heavy heart that I submit this as news, but work on Halogen - the Halo total conversion mod for C&C Generals: Zero Hour - has been halted because Microsoft deem it to be infringing on the intellectual property of Bungie Studios.

From the site:

"The problem with using copyrighted intellectual property as a base for a fan project is that you're very susceptible to legal action. We always figured that since Halogen was such a different take on the Halo franchise, we might manage to make it without incident. That changed today."

"Hours ago, we finally recieved the words we've been dreading since the mod started to get noticed. Microsoft has decided that we are infringing on the intellectual property of Bungie Studios and has asked us to stop development on Halogen."

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General5866d ago

Aww man! I was really looking forward to this mod, I have been waiting for ages! And now look what has happened :(

Dusty5866d ago (Edited 5863d ago )

That is a real shame, but I guess this is really not Bungies fault, they would probably have no saying in this decision. That is the problem with big companies like Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo when it comes to fan created games. They have their own legal department, who are not very flexible on such matters and the people who work with the legal stuff are not gamers. But on the other hand they do have full rights to protect their IP so it is a difficult situation.

FlamingTide5866d ago

Im sure someone else will carry on their work in some shady out-of-site way. It'll just be harder to get hold of

BIadestarX5866d ago

it sucks when looked in gamer`s perspective; but is it wrong for a company to protect their intellectual properties and secure their future? now less pretend microsoft allow this to happen; people would destroy the IP(intellectual property) and so many variations of halo (including non rts) that no one would even buy it whwn published my M$. this happens with pacman and other games all over the internet. sucks as a gamer we would like everything for free. also who wouldn't want a halo rts? lets just hope bungie makes it in the future....

LegendaryMark5865d ago

Could someone explain the "Cool"/"Lame&qu ot; system to me? I checked the "About Site" for info, couldn't find any. I even tried clicking on one, at which point it voted cool for me :S

Is it cool from the point of view of "it's a good story" (i.e. you don't necessarily like the upshot) or cool from the point of view of "I like what the story is telling me" (in this case, that Halogen got shut down).

Couldn't find anywhere else to ask this, argh I'm so confused!

Dusty5865d ago

I see what you mean. The cool/lame vote works well on some type of stories but on stories like this it gets really confusing. It is very news worthy so it desverves a cool vote, but the story it self is not cool. I will see if I can design a better voting system for the next site update.