NBA 2K12 Ratings Fallout: Why So Low, Dirk?

LeBron James fans are too happy, Kobe fans are too mad, and Dirk fans are beside themselves. Blogs dedicated to each team has broken down the ratings for each of their players, and while the general consensus seems to be agreement on most of the numbers, Dirk's 85 and LeBron over Kobe seem to be the biggest sticking points.

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XxBarretxX4670d ago

Dirks overrated. He is a horrible defender and is mediocre at rebounding the ball. He may be a good shooter, but there are other PF's in the league that score just as easily without needing the 3pt range he has. How people think he is the best PF baffles me.

Drake1174670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

I wouldn't say Dirk is overrated. At the beginning of the playoffs most people thought the mavs were the most likely higher seed to be eliminated by a lower seed. I also wouldn't say that he is a horrible defender but more of an average defender. As for rebounds go, well it gets a little more complicated than he is 7ft tall and a PF therefore he should get tons of rebounds, with Dirks style of play he is hardly ever in the right place to get offensive rebounds. And no Dirk is not the "best" PF in the NBA but probably the most skilled, if Dirk was 6 ft tall he would still be in the NBA. Either way I am not a Dirk or Dallas fan but i think an 85 is a perfect overall score for him. Most people think that the insane performances that he had in the playoffs are the every day Dirk and they are in fact not.

XxBarretxX4670d ago

That I agree with. Him and JJ Barrea stock skyrocketed after the finals. They don't play like that everyday!

NoobJobz4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

It's all about how they do the ratings. Although he is a great player and fantastic shooter, he doesn't have a PF skill set. To be ranked high as a PF in the game, you need great rebounding, post offense and post defense, etc. That's why he will never be in the 90s in the game even though he's one of the best players. He's a shooter not a post player. I bet if they switched his position in the game to SF his rating would be much higher. It's just the way the ratings work.

nevin14670d ago

Wow they need to changed that.

el_bandito4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

Dude I know this is a gaming site,and not realgm, espn or whatsoever--- but technically Dirk is a post player. And he is one of the best, if not the best post player in the NBA. Post game, does not only mean play at the LOW post. Dirk is the king of the HIGH post, at least for the PFs.

Anyway, 85 is already good for him. Ratings don't matter much in this game because the devs use a formula. Just like Hollinger.

dinkeldinkse4670d ago

His rating goes from 98 to 60 in the 4th Quarter of the NBA Finals.

Drake1174670d ago

lol Lechoad. Anyways i know i'm probably in the minority here because i don't completely hate Lebron like most, but give him some time, MJ was 28 when he won his first championship. Lebron is only 26.

dinkeldinkse4670d ago

But until he redeems himself like Dirk, he is a choke artist.

iceman064670d ago

Agreed...and he SHOULD win one...or two. The problem with LeBron...err...Lechoad...whate ver (LOL) is that he was anointed as "King James" as a high school senior. He didn't have the experience of going to college and learning how to play the game and most of all become a leader in clutch situations. Therefore, he is learning on the fly. IMO, he is still a bit immature in aspects that create the characteristics of a leader and most of all a winner. Plus, they need to define the roles of the "Big 3" in Miami and stop switching from game to game. Oh...and I am NOT a LeBron fan by a mile. (not a hater either though!)

4668d ago
MachineGunTalk4670d ago

who cares dirks a one time thing nex season we getting much deeper into the league.....

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Yi-Long4246d ago

... pulling the online MP from a game that's only a year old.

The box says it has an online MP mode, and I'm sure people are still playing 2k12 online (probably many people who aren't enthusiastic about the whole Jay-Z layer they vomitted over the game), so they should keep supporting the online MP mode for years to come.

Lvl_up_gamer4246d ago

I agree. 1 year is to short. The other gams I can understand since 08 is almost 5 years ago and as for their NHL title....well EA took them out of that genre with EA's NHL series.

Shutting down the servers is going to reduce their overhead costs so I see why as a business standpoint. I read that 2k won't be doing MLB titles anymore as well so expect MLB 2k12's servers to shut down in the year to come.

It's bad enough that we sports fans buy a new sports game every year with minimal changes other then the rosters....now we have no choice if we want to keep older titles to play online. Things like this will lead to more pirating of sports games. Nobody want to be forced to pay $60 for a game and then have the servers shut down a year later giving you no choice but to buy the next $60 game. People are going to look for other ways around having to pay full price for a new game because their money for the current game didn't stretch out for more then a year.

NYC_Gamer4246d ago

That is real cheap on the part of 2K sports..I'm sure many people enjoyed playing 2K12 online and it just came out last year...

bubblebeam4246d ago

Why is this not illegal? When are games going to be treated seriously by the law? If this happened with anything else, people would be up in arms wanting blood.

I think the only fair thing to do is that when people buy these games, included in the sticker price is a bond. After the servers shut down, 2K (in this case) have to pay them the bond back, whether it be bank deposit or game credits.

I think next-gen developers are going to be doing this to many more games. It basically forces you to buy the newer one. Why people still buy these games is outstanding. Have they no freaking morals?

Psychotica4246d ago

Not sure but I think the back of the box says they can disable the online part anytime..