Gamers use PS3s to do biomedical research: PS3GRID

It's kind of like [email protected], but with PS3s instead of PCs and molecules instead of aliens. In the latest volunteer scientist program, called PS3GRID, anyone who owns a Sony PlayStation3 can donate their system´s downtime to compute enzymatic reactions and ion conductivity to help an international team of biomedical researchers.

More information is available at - see the first alternative source.

(by Lisa Zyga for on November 18, 2007)

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Gordii4076d ago

Is this like folding home because if it is i will stop with folding home and go with this due to the nice fancy look :P

jackfatal4076d ago

they should provide money for every 1 or 5 hours of ps3 donations!!!
and they will see that they can get a lot of computing power!!
but after [email protected] i doubt i will help other projects unless they have a greater cause!!

skagrerrrr4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

more & more games on the ps3 please, i'm getting one for x'mas

Sony please concentrate on gaming

xm15e2s4076d ago

I love how the PS3 is being used for everything BUT playing games. lol
"Look everybody, my PS3 can fry an egg while I sit around and watch everyone play awesome games on their Xbox 360!"

SmokeyMcBear4076d ago

oops you might have missed that video.. its was the RROD 360 that was frying the egg... its on you tube.. check it out

Bathyj4076d ago

I still cant believe SETI isnt involved with PS3 yet. Surely alot of console owners would like a bit of science fiction and love the chance to discover alien life.

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