PlayStation Network: The Final Stand

"As our new site will be opening in about a week, I thought I'd do my last PlayStation Network article today. Prepare to read on, this may just be the most controversial article you will ever read.

I'm not going to be fancy on this, the only image you will see in this article is the one on the left there. This article will also be featured as one of the first posts on the new site. I'm going to make this readable and break it down into categories. Before any criticism is received, all these features are needed outside Home. Let's start". -Onaxis

In-Game XMB
Game Invitations
Gamer Profiles
XMB In General
PlayStation Network Promotions
PlayStation Store

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Zhuk3989d ago

PSN is nothing short of a horrible mess right now compared to Xbox Live. Poor online support coupled with poor PS3 firmware which lack features means that it will be behind Xbox Live for the forseeable future.

Sony shouldn't have even released 2.0 without ingame xmb, do they even listen to their consumers

aiphanes3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

The PS3 firmware updates have been awesome this past year. Sony has done a good job...better than microsoft in firmware updates...

Also the PSN network is free, you have to pay $50 a year for Xbox live and you do not get dedicated servers with Xbox live....there are dedicated servers on PSN with no lag.

Home will be awesome when it is released in April 2008...Sony just needed more time for developement....Microsoft has nothing to go up against home....We will get in game XMB and all the other stuff that people just takes time...Xbox live was not perfect after a took 5 years for the Xbox live to get to where it is today...and you know it is good..but the interface also needs some work...

But the PS3 will get ingame XMB because it was there in the beginning...

the worst3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

dont have a browser

Death3989d ago

the need for anti-virus software. The good news is the ant-virus software use will be free until April '08.


thereapersson3988d ago

Besides, normally when someone asks a question, they usually put a question mark at the end of their remark...

Armyless3988d ago

"Only Xbox 360 provides gamers the highest quality AAA titles"

"Xbox 360 could run that game and all the other forgettable PS3 exclusives"

"The PS3 has been nothing short of a disaster"

"[PS3] costs more and is less powerful than the Xbox 360"

"The Xbox 360 version of CoD 4 was proven to be superior"

"As a Zune and Xbox 360 owner"

"Only Xbox 360 provides Bethesda with the true next generation platform and development tools they need"

"thanks to Sony's poor design decisions"

"PS3 sales were yet again abysmal"

"Playstation has done nothing but be a cancer on the industry"

"failed to make a significant impact just like every other PS3 exclusive this year"

"Sony has basically made it nearly impossible for them to make a profit on the console thanks to its poor design"

"the Emotion Engine was one of the most overhyped pieces of garbage in gaming history"

----------------------------- ----

Do you think he's biased?

SmokeyMcBear3988d ago

ah don't worry about zhuk.. he is a just another punk with penis envy.. he actually thinks that the ME has awesome gameplay.. you konw, the 10 hours of picking what to say.. ha. get a life buddy,

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btkadams3989d ago

"Now, this new store should be able to categorize content by type (Game, Trailer, Add-Ons, Demos), name (A, B, C, D), genre (Action, Arcade, Adventure, etc.), or featured/newest. Along with that, we need title searches as well."

doesnt it do this now? i went on the store today and looked around and it did all those things.

DJ3989d ago

hasn't been to PSN within the last three months.

INehalemEXI3989d ago

PSN works great for me. Just waiting for home in spring been homeless for to long! Lemme get a home beta invite or something.

hanson5203989d ago

totally free! nice demo and movie trailer!!!

xbot live can't do this

Skerj3989d ago

UH the only things on that list that aren't on PSN are Gamer Profiles which I assume is tied to home, Ingame XMB which has nothing to do with the PSN and Promotions. I couldn't care less about the latter, but there ARE official tournaments, the organization is there, and I could swear we have game invites considering I have about 80 something messages in my inbox inviting me to a match of Tekken 5 DR. Whoever wrote that needs to get on and see.

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