In Minecraft Beta 1.9 Potions Won’t Have Effects

Jens Bergensten, a member of the Mojang team working on Minecraft, has recently publicized that potions will be coming to Minecraft but will have no effect in the 1.9 update.

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easto1a3552d ago

Terraria items ftw lol

WhiteLightning3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Why do they keep doing this. Add something but don't add the full thing. Like the villiages without the NPCs. When they hyped the 1.8 update I though "This is it, everything will be added" but we get half and half then find out things in the second half will be added in the next update.

I know I'm comparing a 2D game to a 3D one but Terraria's updates blow Minecrafts out the water and usualy they are just 1 month updates and have a ton of features in them....imagine what the one coming out in October/November will be like since it would be like 4/5 months since the last update, it will be packed.

easto1a3551d ago

MC is in beta still though

WhiteLightning3551d ago

Yeah but Terraria keeps updating even after it's release. Notch has said Minecraft won't get updated that much after the beta, that's why the 1.8 (the biggest update) was so hyped....the game changer for it's full release.

Chocoboh3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

I just want a final version already so mod owners don't have to keep updating their version. Annoying, also I want that mod api.

also millinaire is way better than notch's attempt :/