Sony AI vid analogy with Resistance footage

On the cvg website ( there was this vid ive never seen before which is sort of a ps3 promo vid for the AI system. it also has some resistance footage so check it out. Click on the
Launch Player link at the top right.

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subcell5860d ago

Very nice work from the agency responsible for the ads.

Hope we get something similar in North America

Captain Tuttle5860d ago

This is as close as a European will get to a PS3 until 2007.

beans5860d ago

This reminds me of the dreamcast era! Wasn't there machine also touted to have a living world inside of it were the AI was apparently super smart!

wakkiwakko5860d ago (Edited 5860d ago )

Hehe, ever tried beating DOA2 on hardest difficulty. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.