Pitching Woo In High Definition

Varietyasiaonline: "High-definition DVDs are enabling amazing new technical feats. But they can also cause semantic headaches.

Midway's special edition PlayStation 3 version of its new game "Stranglehold" is the first to put a vidgame and movie on the same disc. In this case, it's "Hard Boiled," the John Woo-helmed action classic that served as the inspiration for "Stranglehold," which Woo helped to develop.

Combo is only possible on the PS3, since that console uses Sony's Blu-ray disc format, which can hold five times as much data as the standard DVDs used on Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii.

Midway got rights to "Hard Boiled" from the Weinstein Co.-owned Genius Products, which is getting a cut of the extra $10 the publisher is charging for the PS3 special edition. In addition, Genius agreed to promote "Stranglehold" in "Hard Boiled" DVDs, while Midway returned the favor in its games".

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Bonsai12143988d ago

they get ten bucks for every game sold? thats pretty impressive. for a licensing deal. especially since music artists only get like 5 cents for every dollar song sold on itunes