Pain Final Hands-On (Gamespot)

If you gave Beavis and Butthead a game-development team and a Havok physics license, Pain is the kind of game we'd like to think they would eventually produce. Those of you who have kept up with Pain over the last few months will know this is basically a human version of Burnout's crash mode, where you launch a poor guy or girl from a gigantic slingshot into an urban environment to see how much damage, chaos, and pain you can cause. Sony dropped off a finished version of the game for us to mess around with, and so far we've felt a little guilty about how much silly fun we've been having launching our hapless in-game avatar through glass, into speeding trains, and under big, fat trucks.

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gamesblow4077d ago

Another outlandishly over priced PSN game hits our wallets harder than the actual game will hit the market. Please, sony.... stop insulting us. Pixle junk was not worth 8 bucks... this isn't worth 10... Poker isn't worth 10... Puzzle fighter isn't worth 10... I can go on and on and on.

xplosneer4077d ago

The only two games I feel were worth $10 were SSHD and Everyday Shooter.

Skerj4077d ago

Yeah Pixel Junk wasn't worth 10, I had tons of fun with Poker Online except ingame music would REALLY be welcome, and I didn't get Puzzle Fighter since it came out around the time that the online patch for Tekken did. Everyday Shooter was worth it, so was Tekken, Stardust, Flow, and I'm thinking of getting Blast Factor.

Sevir044077d ago

this is the next game i'll be playing on PSN. it look like straight up fun. i wonder what online components it has. should be cool. and it's another fully flegde 3d project with next genlike graphics pretty cool. i like the way sony is going about it's online move. not just small 2d games but full 3d ones as well with the nextgen physics and graphics to go along with it. cant wait. now all they need to do is bring out Wipeout HD and i'll be even happier.

mighty_douche4077d ago

fun thats^^ sometthing that 90% of 'next-gen' games cant offer.