Notable October Releases

Originalgamster.com: The holiday onslaught of video game releases continues, and October has some big hitters coming your way. OG’s sure things are Battlefield 3, RAGE, Batman Arkham City and Dark Souls… but there’s other stuffs too.

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otherZinc4376d ago

This would be the best possible list if you take
Ratchet & Clank off & replace it with Kinectimals With Bears!

Kinectimals W/Bears will outsell Ratchet & Clank.

S_C4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

Battlefield 3, Forza 4 and Jonah Lomu Rugby (Out On the 14th)..... Another Good Month

zireno4376d ago

I'll be getting batman and battlefield :D

tarbis4376d ago

I can only afford Batman Arkham City for October Xd

MagicAccent4376d ago

Dark Souls! Hell Yeah! Bring on the Death-ing!

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Games Keep Learning The Wrong Lesson From Dark Souls

Dark Souls and its antecedent, Demon's Souls, changed the gaming industry, but some games came away with the wrong lesson.

GhostScholar82d ago

I’m not at all saying the souls like games are bad. The fans speak to how good the games are, but those games just bore me to tears. It’s just combat combat combat. I know the worlds are interesting and there is lore if you search for it, but there just aren’t enough lulls in all the fighting to enjoy any of the art and lore. Wish there were more story elements.

Levii_9281d ago

Games with pure gameplay bore you to tears ? I don't understand gamers today.

Prime15781d ago

Are you saying people can't have a preference towards story-driven games?

My wife is, frankly, not very coordinated, and that's a big reason she gravitates towards easier gameplay and more story.

And having many people (gamers) who have many different preferences and opinions is very good for the gaming industry.

You don't have to understand, but you certainly should be thankful and respectful, because diverse interests bring variety. That's a great thing to have for anyone who loves games.

GhostScholar81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

I’ll try to explain. Not everyone wants to only do combat for 50 hours. Lack of combat doesn’t mean boring to some people. I never said I didn’t want there to be combat, but when there is a beautiful intricate open world with lore it would be nice to have the time to explore it and have some down time. In the souls games there is very little in the way of narrative, cutscenes, or exploration other than just finding the next boss. Too much of any one element can be boring. Sorry if that is too big of a concept for you.

JackBNimble81d ago

Games are obviously subjective

DarXyde81d ago

"I never said I didn’t want there to be combat, but when there is a beautiful intricate open world with lore it would be nice to have the time to explore it and have some down time. In the souls games there is very little in the way of narrative, cutscenes, or exploration other than just finding the next boss."

These games are quite well known for their lore and narrative, it just isn't spoon fed to you. I really appreciate that the games aren't out to insult your intelligence and trusts you to read item descriptions, explore locations, meet NPCs, and put the pieces together. The macro level narrative is easy enough to understand, but it's when you want that granular understanding of the lore that you need to explore, talk to people, find items, play the DLC, etc etc. It often invites multiple playthroughs. It's one of the unique qualities about these games where you don't have to learn what happened/what's happening in detail, but it's a lot of fun. Reminds me of reading the diary entries in Resident Evil titles.

Yes, there's a ton of combat (who would've thought in a broken world of miserable vagabonds and corrupt abominations, am I right?) but they do a great job of varying it: you can play defensively, aggressively, evasively, from a distance (bows, spells, pyromancies), with various weapons, and any combinations thereof while incorporating secondary weapon effects like elements, toxicity/poison, bleeding effects. The combat isn't stagnant. If you find it boring, you might not be exploring your possibilities very well.

"Too much of any one element can be boring. Sorry if that is too big of a concept for you."

You don't have to be condescending about it. I don't take issue with you not liking these games or finding them boring, but I also think your take is a bit myopic.

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ChiefofLoliPolice81d ago

That's what people love about it. It's all about the Gameplay, challenge, world building. What more do you want from a game.

I though Gameplay was one of if not the most important aspect of a game? What's your idea of a better souls like game then?

Prime15781d ago

"What's your idea of a better souls like game then?"

World building isn't the only element of story that people care about. That user said, "more story elements (plot, characterization, story growth, etc) and less combat."

It's perfectly healthy for people to express why they don't like From Software games, because a new dev might create a new, amazing game that bridges those dislikes into the genre for something new.

It's also great that you love all the aspects that Souls have brought to the gaming industry. Enjoy what you enjoy and let others do the same.

NotoriousWhiz81d ago

Some people prefer games where you spend more time watching than playing, and that's okay. Everyone doesn't have to have the same tastes.

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CoNn3rB81d ago

Are CBR so desperate to generate clicks to their articles that they've got obviously spam accounts leaving random positive comments? sakshi97978 & arpitachowdhary9797 in case they've been marked as spam by the time you see this comment.

lodossrage81d ago

I thought I was the only one that noticed the spammish nature of those accounts. Glad to see I wasn't the only one


10 Best Games to Complete 100%

GF365: "These are our picks for the ten best games to complete 100%. This list includes good games that don't feel like chores to complete."

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Knushwood Butt84d ago

I got 80% trophy completion on Ragnarok but left a few of the battles. Will come back to it one day.

Miraak82 83d ago

Dragon Quest 11 is my top pick

RpgSama83d ago

Dragon Quest XI was such an AMAZING game, I had a blast from the very beginning all the way to the very end, it actually got better the more you played, full of surprises as well.

Another game that I enjoyed from the very beginning all the way to the end of the 100% completion was Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Really, really, really fun game with a great heartfelt story.

badz14983d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Where is Horizon Zero Dawn?? where is Ghost of Tsushima?? I just got my Platinum on HZD and is now trying to finish the Frozen Wild expansion. so much care and love went into that game and it really shows. I especially adore the lore and have sunk many hours listening to the logs and reading journals. the back story is great and the gameplay is awesome. can't wait to replay on the hardest difficulty on NG+. next in my list would be to finish GoTsushima

Tacoboto83d ago

Ghost was fantastic especially after Iki Island and the PS5 upgrade. 100%'d that, Horizon Forbidden West (not ZD), GoW (not yet Ragnarok), Spider-Man, and R&C: Rift Apart.

Each one absolutely worth it.

Aloymetal83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

100% I would like to add to you list RDR2, amazing as well and the perks from getting the Legend Of The East outfit is awesome.
Sekiro as well, have to play twice to get it but it's worth it!

Demetrius83d ago

I agree I'm on my 2nd playthroughs of both horizon forbidden West(zero dawn I played also) ghost of Tsushima except I'm replaying it on PS5 this time, the iki island expansion is amazing

ClayRules201283d ago

Yeah, GoT was already an AMAZING game on PS4, but playing it on PS5, along with that expansion, just even better.