Nintendo urges third parties to "make something unique"

With Wii continuing to do incredibly well, third parties are jumping on board faster than we can keep track of, but Nintendo wants devs to "take time" on their creations instead of rushing out quick cash-ins.

Speaking of Wii's healthy third party support, Nintendo of America's George Harrison said: "Certainly there's a strong line-up of third party titles, and we're trying to encourage them to make them.

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GodofPeace3987d ago

Nintendo games don't sell very well on the Third party side... even First-party games don't sell like crack... major weakness on the Wii bad software sales

Charlie26883987d ago

Well that is the HUGE gamble Nintendo took at aiming the Wii at the casual gamer market

Hardware is sold like crack thanks to casual games...but as every one knows casual gamers don't buy a lot of games

which results in the Wii Sports/Play effect in the sale charts

Darkiewonder3987d ago

Now they encourage to make unique games.

Crazy Nintendo. Crazy. :o

xplosneer3987d ago

Are we going to have a bunch of fanboys saying "Nintendo is BEGGING for third parties to stay on board" Just like when the same thing happened to Sony? No? Didn't think so....

rofldings3987d ago

Nintendo is BEGGING for third parties to stay on board

the worst3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

ps3 and 360 games are in hd
sh!t i have a 52in 1080p tv
i want my games in HD
the last game i would buy on the wii
is super mario galaxy
next game ill buy will be
the next Zelda game
plus the online sucks

cooke153987d ago

Ok really. What is this a response to? Seriously you sony fanboys just spew random hate crap for the hell of it.

skillshot3987d ago

What the hell Cooke15? Where in there did he say he was a Sony fanboy? He is just a graphics fanboy if anything. He mentioned 360 and PS3. Don't keep trying to make flamewars, its pathetic.

DrPirate3987d ago

I wonder what devs are thinking:

OHHH Well since Nintendo URGED us, let's make something creative, because before we were trying to recycle the same old, same old. (don't look at RE4). Every developer is actively searching for the next big thing in gaming, gameplay and innovation. No one has to be urged to do anything.

Rooftrellen3987d ago

Every developer is looking for the next big thing, but few are looking for it though a new kind of game.

When EA is one of your leaders in trying to make something new, the same company that releases the same sports game every year with different names and updated stats, their's a problem.

All of the developrs are looking for the next big thing, but the next big thing isn't FF13, Halo 3, or SSBB. The next big thing is Endless Ocean, Disaster: Day of Crisis, or No More Heroes.

Unfortunately, developers spend more time and money on hoping Madden 2008 will be the next big thing, when, given the same resources, Boogie or MySims could be the big things.

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The story is too old to be commented.