Sony Touts PS3 Momentum; But Analyst Bets on Wii

Sony is confident things will start picking for the PS3 this holiday, though one analyst begs to differ saying it will be yet another Wii Christmas.

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xplosneer4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

PS3 I think will have a fantastic Christmas with the $399 price and all the ads running but what parent can honestly deny a $250 motion controller console?

actually I agree ruibing their supply will hurt them.

Jdash244077d ago

one that wants the tv screen in one piece :P

ReBurn4077d ago

That reminds me, I need to order the Wii jacket things. They're free, so why not?

ruibing4077d ago

My hopes are on Sony but I don't doubt that Wii will be able to sell out its limited hardware inventory. Hopefully, by the time their production capabilities go up, the PS3's game library would have gone up as well.

gamesblow4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

Strong 1st party sales? Like Mario Galaxy tanking world wide? It hasn't even sold 200,000 units yet. R&C has... and they've done it on a system with over half the install base of the wii. Sony's sales will be just fine. Most of their games are sitting at 500,000 units going into the holidays... Lair, Heavenly sword, Warhawk... the work is already put in. They'll easily jump up in sales from there. R&C will generate about 300,000 more sales thisholiday too... maybe even more. Uncharted will be huge for Sony too. Motorstorm is almost 2 million sold worlwide. Resistance is at well over 2 million. Granted many of these aren't 1st party they are being published under Sony's name sake. They'll do fine.

Nintendo will no doubt reap the rewards of the cheapest system on the market, however... So, I can't argue that fact. It seems no one is really buying their games, though. It's almost like they're buying them on fad alone.

TruthbeTold4077d ago

What are you talking about? Super Mario Galaxy sold over 250k already in Japan alone. And that in the first week. Not that I'm dogging the game because I think it's a good one, but you must be thinking of Ratchet and Clank when it comes to tanking. :p

cooke154077d ago

Ratchet and clank only sold 30k in the us and 12k in Japan :|

Snukadaman4077d ago

the wii will have another great xmas...with cheap games like links crossbow too.

gamesblow4077d ago

80,000 on simexhchange, jackson. 400,000 worldwide. I was wrong about the 200,000. However, Japan didn't buy into it. So, you're wrong. R&C is at 250,000 world wide and the numbers haven't came in from U.K. So, with a consoel at half of the wii's installbase... I'd say Sony's doing alright and so is R&C. Easily a million seller. If you say it's not, I ask you to look at all the past R&C games. Even Deadlocked hit a million and it wasn't even a R&C game, really.

WIIIS14077d ago

So why skew the figures in your first post?

TruthbeTold4077d ago

Jackson? WTF? What a biased Nimrod. Yeah, Sony is indeed doing alright. I agree. But you say that and knock Super Mario Galaxy at the same time, when it's already outsold Ratchet and Clank which has been out for at least a month. You should change your name to "Imaginary Clout". You act as if your BS opinions and biases are fact or somehow more important than others, and almost everyone here laughs at you. I'd put you on ignore if your little shenanigans weren't so damn funny.

wind_dragon4077d ago

wouldn't it be natural for mario to have the larger numbers since the Wii install base is greater? =P

gamesblow4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

A month?? R&C released on the 30th, timmy... of October. It didn't hit Uk and Japan until last week. Get your facts in order. Just because Gamestop broke street date and got them early for promo's doesn't mean you can count it a sa street date. the offical sales data as when released to all distributors came in october 3oth. Toys R us, Wal-mart.. etc, etc... etc... Not a month, Omriakbar.

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