How To Stop Assassins Creed From Freezing And The Frame Rate Issues On The PS3

There seems to be an awful lot of people having problems with Assassins Creed, freezing and frame rate issues, well there is a fix you'll be glad to know, and its an easy one, all you have to do is disable the information board, press triangle on it and disable it and these problems should go away. Also do not sign into the psn network

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DrPirate4175d ago

I'm approving this, not because it's official, it's not.

I've done this from the beginning, and the Assassin's Creed experience for me has been frame smooth, and lockup-free. I'll attest to the fact that this works.

Panthers4175d ago

Another way to prevent this is to not buy Assassins Creed and play Uncharted instead.

Joecrazy4175d ago

This is my setup from day 1...but it did lock up once on me..I was kill by a guard, and while I was at the loading screen, where you can move around, and all I can do is move around. I was at that loading screen for about 5 min and nothing happen. So I hit the ps button try to quit the game, then it give me 3 beep then restart the systm..

ActionBastard4175d ago

I've been called flat out a liar when discussing AC with buddies and how I've had no framerate issues and only 1 screen freeze. Now this pops up and I can't help but be skeptical, yet hopeful. I disabled the info bar day one, simply because I found little use currently for it. My wifi router has been down and I haven't been able to sign into PSN the entire time I've played AC. Could this be? Hell, it would explain a lot. Still won't help the repetitive gameplay and all around "meh" while playing.

Eagle_CFC4174d ago

been saying this since Friday, I've only played AC offline as it has no online features (my Mrs was out Friday/Sat so I left the router off and just played AC). I had lots of issues. Froze 3 times, lost objectives, graphic glitches, screentear, very annoying! I took it back in the end, wa snot by sort of game anyway, did not get any thrill/fun from it. I did think it was very atmospheric though.

stevenhiggster4174d ago

I turned it off as soon as I saw it after the update, it is possibly the most pointless thing in the world, all the news is weeks old!! My advice would always be to dissable it anyway, whether you wanna play AC or not, which I dont btw.

Agent-G4173d ago

Originally posted by jbld50:
Im going to keep this post goin, this petition is getting bigger every min.

To all the people that are not happy with the problems they are having with this game please sign this petition to motivate ubisoft to fix these problems>> http://www.petitiononline.c...

Everyone who is having the screen tearing problem ( )
need to post on this thread, ( ) I would like to hear what ubisoft is going to do to fix this other problem. SIGNED Agent-G Please do it for us Conumers and Gamers. Thanks

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gamesR4fun4175d ago

so far so good great looking game and dont forget to stop and smell the olive trees.

coolmatrix4174d ago

Everyone who buys a multi-platform game, you get what you paid for. There is a reason McDonalds only makes BigMacs and does not make the Whopper!

Quality control!

Many gamers bought into the idea that developers need to make multi-platform to reach more people. What a joke?

I wonder if McDonalds need to make Whoppers to reach more people.

A sucker is born every second and now he loses $59.99 to boot!

gamesR4fun4174d ago

damn got the freeze again with it disabled still only the second one so far...
Great game otherwise

@ the one bubble dude Multiplats are bad now? So what COD4 shoulda been exclusive?! Ya right if anything we should be pushing them to allow more cross platform online gaming.

ChibiSelz4175d ago

i knew this already and people disagreed with me its in my old post >>
but u dont have to sign out of psn myns fine with it on

therealwillie4175d ago

i knocked off the information board first and it paused about 5 minutes into the game, so then i signed out and ive had no problems since then

ravinash4174d ago

However i never have the news tag thing running, and so far I just had the game freeze up on me once and that was after a hugh fight and half the city running after me.

aiphanes4175d ago

I might just have to check out this game then...

WilliamRLBaker4175d ago

1.Stop pissing in your ps3! that will instantly stop these issues.
2.STop pissing in ur 360, or puting it in a box with no holes with instantly stop these issues.

I've played both versions and never got a single problem, people must be doing weird stuff with their systems.

drewdrakes4175d ago

Hey, stop being a jerk. I have the 360 version and take care of my 360. Never RROD'd or anything. But i have had frame rate issues. All i had to do was exit the world to the animus and re-enter and i was perfect. Your post makes it seem like that would be my fault.

WilliamRLBaker4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )

ummm yeah, and you dont own a brain...But guess what I do own a ps3:)

""If I wanted a piece of **** for my living room, I would go **** one out.""

from your profile, and pretty much why we can say your opinion doesn't count when it comes to games.

And as well, Its not my fault you had problems, But I've purchased the 360 version and rented the ps3 version and neither had a problem for me.

P.S: you will get proof shortly, once i get the picture developed since I dont own an digital camera.

DJ4175d ago

There's plenty of photos lying around google, and one or two people on this site have actually taken photos with someone else's systems, claiming it to be their own...

rofldings4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )

Nah, you don't own a PS3.

"P.S: you will get proof shortly, once i get the picture developed since I dont own an digital camera."

More like google up an image, amirite? In any case, if you do own one, add me on PSN and I'll give you a bubble ... though it'll have to wait since I took a bubble away from another thread, where you were acting like an xbot.

rofldings4174d ago

exactly 12 hours later - no psn invite.

you don't own a ps3.

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