TimeShift : Q&A With Lead Designer Matthew Karch "Q: Who are you? How long have you been working for Saber?

Hi! My name is Matthew Karch and I am the studio head and one of the founders of Saber. I have been working at the company for seven years and was the lead designer on TimeShift.

Q: Can you give us a presentation of Saber? The studio's games, its location, how many employees, etc?

Saber's trademark is fast-paced, furious shooting games. We completed our first title Will Rock in 2003, leveraging the strengths of dual offices based in New Jersey, USA and St. Petersburg, Russia. For TimeShift, we've continued to ramp up our team size and departments up to and after launch. We currently employ over 80 developers across the world, in addition to a small legion of outsourcers and co-developers."

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Charlie26884077d ago

I a INCREDIBLY surprised that TimeShift ended up being such a good game, but as a fair warning the game starts EXTREMELY generic aka you fighting against generic soldier dudes with generic guns...BUT after that EVERYTHING gets better and better to the point you cant believe that a game that gave such a bad first impression turned to be so good XD

Recommended for all you FPS fans out there :)