PS3 outsells Wii in Japan thanks to must-have game

Gamer.Blorg writes of how the PS3 was able to outsell the Wii in the previous week thanks to the release of the popular Dynasty Warrior 5 in Japan and the limited production capabilities of the Wii.

This is good news for both PS3 and Blu Ray fans as more hardware sales for the PS3 means better software sales for PS3 games and Blu Ray movies.

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gamesblow6038d ago

The cultural differences in taste are so strange... I'd never in a billion years want that abomination in my collection. Go figure... The Japanese have this 1 game mentality that they buy 1 game, beat it to compleation before buying another. That's why so many western games "like Halo and R&C" seem to do poorly at 1st... it's only months later do we see people have actually bought these games, just not in droves like they do in England and America.

perseus6037d ago

Japanese are no different in terms of how many they buy, they're just different in that they want a good story in their games.

Halo's fun, but the story archetype is a bit tired, and the dialogue is best described as testosterone-laced. Honestly, if I wanted to watch manly banter, I'd watch Rambo on youtube, not pay 7000 yen for a game.

And R&C is not my kind of game. It's Super Mario Brothers with HD graphics. Admittedly beautiful graphics, but not a whole lot of difference from SMB.

I'm not that into DW either, but I can understand why some people would be. It's got a good story.

For me I want new gameplay, and good stories, AND great graphics, so I'm screwed no matter what.

(Anyway, why would I buy a new game when I enjoy the one I'm playing right now?)

felman876037d ago

I could say the same about madden

Figboy6037d ago

i agreed with a lot of what you said accept for this:

"Rachet and Clank is just Super Mario Bros in HD."

that's simply not true. maybe this can illustrate the differences better:


Mario: "It's a me, Mario!"

Ratchet: Smartmouthed Lombax with a dark past
Clank: His intelligent robotic sidekick


Mario: Hop and bop your way through beautifully designed worlds

Ratchet: Use an insane number of special weapons, as well as your wrench, to carve your way through beautifully designed worlds. some weapons include a Tornado Launcher, in which you can control a mini-tornado with the Sixaxis, picking up enemies and objects, and simultaneously controlling Ratchet with the left analog stick; there's the Gellenator, which creates large green blobs that you can then use to reach out of place areas; the lazer whip who's name i can't remember. you use that like Indiana Jones, and zap the sh*t out of your enemies.

Ratchet and Clank has the unfortunate perception of being confused with simple platforming games, when, in all honesty, it's more like a cartoony, almost Disney/Pixar-esque take on Star Wars, Star Trek, and bunch of really cool sci-fi stories and archetypes. it is *NOTHING like Mario. never do you "hop" and "bop" a creature. though i do agree, that it *IS in HD.

i don't take issue with R&C not being your type of game, that's completely understandable, but to dismiss it as just like Mario, is like someone saying that Shadow of the Colossus is just like The Legend of Zelda (which a fellow gamer *DID say one day many months ago). totally different gameplay, even though the cartoony themes are "similar" (and i use the word "similar" very loosely here).

perseus6037d ago

Hmmm. I think I didn't explain very clearly.

I'm seriously not trying to slag R&C, I think it's a cool game, and the genre is fun too. I played the demo and could see appeal of it.

Look at it like this. Compare Wolfenstein to Quake to Halo to the new Battlefield coming out next year. Each of those is the same genre, and each added new toys/weapons (and better graphics) that made each more fun than the one before. But each also has/had a huge leap in gameplay that changed the genre itself.

Quake raised the bar on Wolf3D by allowing the ability to look up, Halo improved on Quake with the sandbox modes and better story and vehicles, and if all works out, the new BF will improve on Halo with the almost fully destructible environment.

Each of the above improvements (though not necessarily in the games I mentioned, they are just examples) changed the entire design philosophy of the first person shooter. R&C is cool. R&C looks great. But it doesn't really change the genre, and that's why I'm not interested. Not because it's a bad game, just because I can't see any huge difference in playing style.

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Slayer OP6037d ago

Good to see the ps3 is getting some positive attention for a change. I was getting sick of the media bashing it for no good reason

Fanboy Slaughter6037d ago

Well, whatever floats their boat I guess. They seem to be super crazy about Dynasty Warriors, given the game hasn't changed one bit in the last 6 years.

AznSniper6037d ago

I'm one of those people who like Dynasty Warriors. Anyone else?

Also it's Dynasty Warriors 6 not 5. The first in the series was only for for US/PAL. Dynasty Warriors 2 = Shin Sangoku Musou 1. Dynasty Warriors 6 = Shin Sangoku Musou 5.

ruibing6037d ago

I just wished they upgraded the graphics more so I would have a reason to upgrade from Dynasty Warrior 4.

Baddo_Ekkusuchi6037d ago

how is 6 any diff from the rest rather than the HD part? anyway, the underdog will win. ps3 ftw.

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Eonjay21h ago

Wow what a throwback there!