GCN Outsells 360 in Japan

Microsoft may have a hit on its hands with Xbox 360 in America, but the same cannot be said of the console's presence in Japan. Not only did the next-generation system debut in the Land of the Rising Sun to less than spectacular numbers, but overseas gamers have -- despite Microsoft's best efforts - continued to shy away from the system in 2006.

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DJ5861d ago

ooo, I wonder who's gonna win THAT race. Seriously, they shouldn't even bother with Japan. It's obvious they're not wanted there.

The hilarious part was the fact that to date they've only sold 75,000 units. That means 25% of the launch units from last year still haven't been sold. . . . .

It'd be pretty sad if the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360's entire year of sales within its first day at launch.

Eternal E 8085861d ago

it realy is sad i mean microsoft has completly failed in japan and i wouldnt be surprised if sony will out sell the ps3 in a day maybe even under 24hrs but the main thing is to never stop trying to.anyway i think sales will be kicked up another notch when more japanese style games are released.

ElementX5861d ago

Well look at the games the Japanese play. They obviously have very different tastes in gaming.

DJ5861d ago

supposed to salvage its sales? Those games were oriented strictly towards the japanese market and hardly made a dent. Maybe things will look better once Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey come out, but that won't be for a long while.

ACE5861d ago

the japanees dont buy western products , not only this but look at the price difrence between the 360 gamecube/ps2 this IS another facter . just think about it

jalutaja5861d ago

x360 sold 45000 units in 2005. (0.1% of consle and handheld market)
Total 120000 units in 9 months. Less than in us in one month.

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The story is too old to be commented.