Microsoft's and EA's Gamers Night Party in India

The Angry Pixel writes: "Maybe it's just my total lack enthusiasm for social gatherings when it means I have to travel long distances, or how stupidly single I am right now (Oh!) – but I'm not a fan of discos, clubbing, or late night drinking at the local pub. That's more or less because of the company you bring along or the people you'll involuntarily run into sometimes, which itself depends a lot on how much liquor everyone's been downing until it comes out like an exquisite river of dead puke. That's why I'm glad Microsoft India was able to handle their recent Game On Event in New Delhi so well. Taking place in The Pyramid, a lot of the attention was focused what on people like me come 60kms for some cold-hard time with what's already BioWare's dandiest offering on consoles since Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. And luckily, the free liquor surely soothed some of that pain for the disagreeable on-lookers present, minus the aforementioned puking sessions. Bonus!"

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