Clash of the Handhelds: PS Vita, 3DS, iPhone 5

GR's Luke Palmer writes:

"Need to kill some zombies On-The-Go? Then you will need a top notch gaming handheld! But wait which one should you buy? Will it be the current bestseller handheld.. Nintendo's 3DS, Playstation's upcoming Vita, or will you need to call your mom upstairs while you kill these zombies with the soon to be release of the iPhone 5? To get you through these hard times, and to make sure you spend your well earned cash on the best handheld that will suit your needs.. I've done some research."

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KiLLUMiNATi_893207d ago

This must be a joke right, we all know who's gonna dominate. IPhone 5 by far. iPhone>psvita>3ds. Plus iPhone 5 it's not an handheld anyways. But the vita will be a good product for the younger crowd. 3ds I'm not gonna comment on it....

zerocrossing3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

The Iphone isn't a gaming platform its a phone you can play casual games on, many gamers wont even give it a second look with the 3DS and Vita offering games for core gamers.

potedude3207d ago

Lol @ the iPhone battery life...

Wintersun6163207d ago

Not this crap again? Phones have games, but that doesn't make them gaming devices. Those games are for time killing and casual play only. Vita and 3DS have hardcore games too, games that don't start feeling extremely repetitive after 10 minutes of play... These are completely different devices aimed at completely different markets.

And yes, I know there's the small group of previous handheld gamers who'll hold out on buying a Vita or 3DS because they can spend that 15 minutes playing Angry Birds or whatever and carry only 1 device around. But this is a very marginal group and there's also the counter force for this group; the people who will buy their 1st handheld this gen. I'm one of them. And I have a SGS2 too, but the little casual games on this phone (or iPhone) can't compete with the experience I will get from my Vita.

firefoxprime3207d ago

Ppl are stupid. What do you expect? Just because my phone has an internet browser, doesn't mean it can compete with my PC. Which is you know...built for internet browsing. >.>

contra1573206d ago

i Cant see the phones taking over the moble gaming, then i can since there are more noobs out numbering the hardcore gamers nowadays ,but as nintendo did state they are getting hurt by cellphone gaming market growing. ugh i want a vita .

eagle213207d ago

I'll take the 3DS... :)

chanmasta3206d ago

Wait a second... "two 3.5 inch multitouch-screen" on the 3DS? I thought it was just single-touch. Is this another one of the many faults with this article?

Misterhbk3206d ago

The two screens are two different sizes, have different resolutions, and only one plays 3D and as you said, neither of the screens are multitouch. Guy doesnt know what he's talking about at all.

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