Battlefield 3 Beta Available on PSN in North America Now

For those of you who purchased Medal of Honor LE and are waiting for the Battlefield 3 beta to arrive on the North American PlayStation Store, you'll be happy to know it's available now. The demo weighs in at 1173 Mb.

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JoGam3208d ago

About time! I'm downloading now.

Diver3208d ago

Apparently somebody thinks you arent downloading right now Jo. Better check your closet. Never mind, it's just some phantom coward.

flankhim3208d ago

I didnt get moh. Moh usally sucks compared to bf games.

ArthurLee3208d ago

About time is right. I knew I hung on to Medal of Honor for something!

Szarky3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

You actually didn't need to hang on to it. If anything, selling it early like I did would have given you a high trade in value (I think I got around 40 for it). Try selling it now it's probably only worth $10. Early access to the beta didn't require the MoH disc.

Chapulin3208d ago

Dates: September 27th - October 10th
Platform: PlayStation 3
Starting on the 29th, you can also test the Open Beta on Xbox 360® or PC
1) Go to the PlayStation®Network Store on your console
2) From storefront, click on View All By Title, click on B
3) Click on Battlefield 3. All content will appear here

LOGICWINS3208d ago

All I see is trailers and a theme. Do you need to have Medal of Honor or something?

LackTrue4K3208d ago

no its there....just scroll down!!!

CernaML3208d ago

Yep. You'll need to have played Medal of Honor LE with your account.

B-Real2063208d ago

It's not there for me either?!?! I was hoping to download it so I could play thursday morning....4 videos and 1 theme. idk the store is updated

Chapulin3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Hi Soldier,
In the coming weeks we will be running an Open Beta for Battlefield 3. To thank you for buying Medal of Honor Limited Edition/Tier 1 Edition, we would like to invite you to join the PlayStation®3 Open Beta 48 hours early.

Sry forgot to copy paste this part.

LOGICWINS3208d ago

Same day as the UC3 beta. WOOOOOW

execution173208d ago

its on New Releases btw if you have MoH

SOD_Delta3208d ago

I didn't like the beta on PS3. I'm going to try PC. If its the same then I guess I don't like the game.

fluffydelusions3208d ago

Care to explain what's not to like?

SOD_Delta3208d ago

I just I didn't like it. It feels as if it doesn't belong on consoles. The textures are awful. I think the PC will be fine tho. TBH I'm going to get MW3 on consoles over this. BTW this is all my opinion.

Hicken3208d ago

We can kinda guess it's your opinion.

I think you prefer MW3 in general, so BF3 isn't your cup of tea. Has nothing to do with whether or not it belongs on consoles.

SOD_Delta3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Nope, I love battlefield. In fact BF2 was the game that got me into online gaming. If it wasn't for BF2 I wouldn't be playing (as much). And as for stating the obvious (my opinion part) people on this site get jumpy sometimes if you don't say so. Yes, I do prefer MW3 (on consoles) for different reasons i.e. friends and family. BF3 on consoles isn't for me. PC is a different story, hell its a different game as to what I've been hearing.

Neko6083208d ago

2 disagrees, so obviously you are a liar and loved it.

BX813208d ago

Played the beta a little while ago (360) still having server problems but the game play is starting to grow on me. It's not what I expected graphic wise but I'll get over it.

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The story is too old to be commented.