Q&A With the Executive Director at Rokkan

Excerpt: "The in-game advertising industry is large and growing. In 2009, spending on IGA was estimated to reach $699 million USD and is anticipated to grow to $1 billion by 2014. A 2010 study showed that in game advertising had a return on investment of $3.11 per dollar spent.

For the gamers who don’t want to see an advertisement on a billboard during a Madden Game, use a Sony cell phone in Splinter Cell or Drive a Dodge Charger in Grand Theft Auto you are out of luck. The age of advertising has finally taken over the gaming world.

We have Charles Bae, Executive Creative Director and Partner for industry leading Rokkan to discuss the positives and negatives of advertising in video games and what the future will hold for the advertising agencies involved along with the gaming consumer."

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