Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Hands On: Everything Old Is New Again

Having been born of conflict and strife, we really wanted Modern Warfare 3 to be a resplendent Phoenix rising from the ashes of its progenitor’s petty squabbles. And maybe it was at one point, who knows. But judging from the fifteen minutes of Survival Mode we played at Eurogamer Expo, it’s been thoroughly sprayed with fire retardant.

Don’t get us wrong, the new game mode is everything you’d expect. It ticks all the right boxes and definitely furnishes a solid co-op gameplay experience for two intrepid Spec Ops wannabes. But if it’s all that new, why exactly did it feel so familiar? The fact that it’s basically Gears of War’s Horde mode with Counterstrike’s weapon store could have something to do with it. But plenty of well worn game modes have seen some retooling to emerge on the other side a shining example of what a bit of spit and polish will do to a slightly dusty idea. Modern Warfare 3’s Survival Mode, however, slots neatly into everything we know about the game so far. A fun but safe and well ensconced in the target audience’s comfort zone romp that doesn’t mean much of anything.

The tameness of the enemy AI and the creaky whack-a-mole gameplay we’ve plodded through countless times before could have been overlooked, if there were any other signs of life apparent. As it stands, what we’ve played of Activision’s latest entry in the franchise appears to lack even the slightest shred of imagination and chooses to content itself with filling a gap in the calendar and providing an adequate distraction until the digit on the end changes again next year.

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BattleTorn3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Spec Ops is only 2-player! O_o

coolbeans3210d ago

Yes, it's always been 2 player.

BattleTorn3210d ago

ya, and games used to only have slitscreen.
Oh how things change.

ie GoW3 5-player horde.

Hicken3210d ago

God of War doesn't have a horde mode, and it's definitely not 5 players.

3GenGames3210d ago

^ Wrong game! -facepalm-

dcortz20273210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

No, your the one that failed! He's right, GOW = God Of War, GEoW = Gears Of War. That's what he's trying to say. Are you really that stupid?

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coolbeans3210d ago

Are you insinuating Spec Ops is archaic design? In reality, all of the maps were tweaked to supplement 2 players anyway. You certainly can't call these co-op mechanics dated when they deviate from the monotony of other co-op modes.

gamingdroid3210d ago

Spec Ops has always been only two players, but what is unique about it is the goals are less mindless than many other games.

Like the design is actually thought out! There is variety and fun.

I actually almost prefer spec-ops over multiplayer.

coolbeans3210d ago

"Like the design is actually thought out!"

Why can't I get agrees for saying essentially the same thing? :P

3GenGames3210d ago

Everything that is "new" is lol.

gcolley3210d ago

co-op is the only thing good about playing CoD. everything else is a yawn fest.

SRTold3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

I have already played and beaten MW3.. I did it when I played and beat MW1, MW2.. Never played Spec-Ops.. why? Because I already did and beat it when I played MW1... MW2 is also the same as MW1..

Saying this is new is like taking a loaf of bread and putting it on store shelf. When it's freshness expires, instead of baking a new loaf of bread and putting it up for sale, Activision is putting a new date on their loaf of bread.. After that new date expired, they replaced with a new expiry date. With MW3 coming out, they are preparing new expiry dates for their same loaf of bread..

Sure, it says it's new, but when you open up this loaf of bread and make a sandwich, it will taste old, stale, and moldy.. You'll be thinking why didn't I just go out for pizza at the Battlefield 3 restaurant.