SarcasticGamer - Hitman’s Stealth Seeks Modern Absolution

SarcasticGamer - No matter your opinion, after watching footage of Hitman Absolution you’re going to be shocked. The direction for the series has taken a dramatic shift from a step-by-step assassination simulation to a more action oriented stealth experience. I’m sure there will be diehards that won’t be able to accept a faster paced game under the Hitman banner, but adapting is probably the correct move to grab a wider audience and become relevant in the current climate.

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lastdual3210d ago

I think Deus Ex: Human Revolution proved that you can stay true to a game's foundations and still be successful in today's market.

This mantra that every game needs to be all about "fast paced action!" to sell is just plain false.

I'm not being down on Absolution. Maybe it will manage to straddle the line and offer both gameplay types successfully, but what we've heard so far leaves me feeling that I should temper my expectations with a realistic degree of skepticism.