SG - The Old Republic will end up free-to-play

SG - Seriously, that was my first thought after Electronic Arts announced the release date (December 20th/22nd in the US and Europe).

Nowadays, it seems that every … uh, nearly every massively multiplayer online game launches free-to-play or switches to that model sooner or later.

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coolbeans3211d ago

Why are we instantly assuming these things when we don't even know the actual quality of the MMO yet? They bring something that's closer to WoW's LVL 20 model in the future, but I don't see how anyone can anticipate an f2p model in the near future.

Heartnet3210d ago

There anticipating it cause so many MMOs have gone that route or included a f2p version of the game.

However Bioware are a decent developer and EA are good at marketing so that should keep it afloat for a while

coolbeans3210d ago

"However Bioware are a decent developer..."

Bit of an understatement :P.

pctrollv43210d ago

i bet it will too...15 bucks a month for a lame mmo like this one isnt worth it..i played the beta 2 times waiting for my re invite to the third boring, i gave an account away. Guild wars 2 is where its at, not swtor.

Heartnet3210d ago

Cant be that bad if uve played the beta twice and are now awaiting a third invite...

Must be some real good shit for you to want to play it agian and again :)

pctrollv43210d ago

no not really...i gave one account away on a gaf contest and the other am just using cause i cancelled pre order and its a free game in the meanwhiole while i wait for bf3, rage, skyrim, saint row the thid and payday

Spinal3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

You just made yourself look like a moron claimin the game is bad but you keep playin an it awaitin for another chance.

I played the rift beta for an hour than never played it Ever again.

Guild wars 2 does look tons better than swtor an is my most anticipated game after Diablo 3. Swtor gameplay looks kinda lame but i will give it a try.

pctrollv43210d ago

u must have not read when i said i gave one account away...and as i said above, while i wait for bf3, rage, skyrim, etc i will play the free game bioware gave me...after that, i will give that acct away as well


I doubt it will be free to play. There's too much money to be made w/ a monthly subscription. It'll only go free to play when revenue goes down to attract more people.

kevnb3210d ago

there might be some f2p content I suppose.

Darkfiber3210d ago

Every MMO will wind up free to play if given enough time. I'm sure no one will be paying for it in 25 years. This is a stupid article.