Big Mass Effect 3 news incoming that fans "have been eagerly awaiting"

EA made a big announcement at a conference just a short while ago, but it's still under wraps.

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coolbeans3202d ago

Sigh...I'm worried about hearing MP news. I'll be fair to wait until I see what the final product offers, but I still hate the idea of all resources (possibly) not being used on the singleplayer.

WolfLeBlack3202d ago

Considering the size of Bioware I'd expect them to have used a seperate team to develope the multiplayer aspect.

I'm worried, of course, about a multiplayer aspect, but I'm willing to give them the benefeit of the doubt, though I hope they steer clear of a straight Deathmatch formula as the shooting isn't up to a high enough standard for that from what I've played.

Bull5hifT3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

The Girl who plays Miranda in real life is going into Hard Core Porn? ........ .. Close up 20 Megapixel pics Incuming

aPerson3202d ago

No, Bioware, I have not been eagerly awaiting a multiplayer announcement. In fact, I was hoping it wouldn't happen.

GameZenith3202d ago

I agree, but you have to understand that Bioware, is no longer concerned about the RPG gamer anymore. Their goals now is to woo the Action-Shooter gamer. You know, the Gears of War/Uncharted gamer. So for THOSE fans, yes, this is news that they have been waiting for.

You have to look at it from that perspective.

ECM0NEY3202d ago

Im a Gears fan and it saddens me that Bioware is going away from the RPG elements. If there is going to be a MP, it will be a bad version of Gears.

Drop in Co-op would be awesome though.

Tony P3202d ago

"You have to look at it from that perspective."

That's what I'm thinking.

There's not enough money in a niche RPG market. That's probably how they look at it.

Nevertheless, don't expect me to still call BioWare the best RPG devs. They aren't and I'm sure they don't even want the title anymore.

No Way3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

I bought Mass Effect 1 FOR it's RPG elements, not shooting.
This game isn't supposed to be like Uncharted or Gears of War.
If they want a game like them, they should then make a new IP.

MariaHelFutura3202d ago

Co-op would be cool. Drop in, Drop out.

TheColbertinator3202d ago

A romantic relationship with an Elcor?

TopDudeMan3202d ago

I bet it's online multiplayer or co-op.

Blacktric3202d ago

Which isn't THAT bad if they can pull it off and won't use the singleplayer resources while doing it. My only hope is that they don't add something like deathmatch mode.

SageHonor3202d ago

Agreed, I was also hoping it couldve been some story element or new character etc. But its EA

ECM0NEY3202d ago

Speaking of resources, if there is a MP it better be on a seperate disc. If they cut singleplayer content for MP im going to be pissed.

Jeff2573202d ago

I certainly hope their isn't any MP in the game. I won't be playing it if there is either. Just want ME3 for the PC.

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The story is too old to be commented.